Marcos is not a hero! Protest the plan to make him one!

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2011-05-11 16:19

Thank you for standing up to our history! The Filipino people should make Congressmen and women learn their lesson; they should not be in power again! It is too much insult on our sense of integrity as a people! We should be consistent of what we fought for and stood for. Countries around the globe are throwing their dictators; why are we resurrecting a dictator by installing him as a hero? NO WAY!!!



2011-05-13 22:51

A dictator who caused the death of thousands, torture of many more, and unheard of poveerty of the people cannot be a hero.



2011-05-14 09:47

Philippine history was smeared by the blood of the victims of his dictatorship. I resist his naming as a hero.



2011-05-14 10:11

A fascist dictator is not a hero



2011-05-25 12:08

He's not a hero he is a corrupt Politician

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2014-05-30 10:57