For the support of the Made of Metal festival in Hodonín

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2015-09-16 19:34

I have been on the 2015 MoM and I think that it's not only a great event for metal fans but also a big opportunity for the development and recognition of Hodonin.



2015-09-16 20:20

I've been at 1st and 2nd edition of Made of Metal festival. It's really great event, I had a lot of fun and would like to repeat it every year.



2015-09-16 21:55

Made of metal was my first time in the Czech republik. I loved this country and experience. Without this festival i still would not know where hodonin is and would never have been there. Now I'm planning to visit Praga this year!



2015-09-17 07:39

We've been on the first MOM two years ago and the whole festival was very professional!
Rock on!!!



2015-09-17 11:42

It would be crazy to end this festival, and i think its not loud for the people who live close, it it also an economical gift for the country- more and more people will get to know not only the country but also the town of Hodonín.



2015-09-25 17:00

We drove over 1000 km to come to the festival and met other people from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and many very friendly chzech people who had also driven a long way to get there. The whole festival, the organization and the campground were super! We actually planned to come again 2016 and some of us have already applied for holidays in our companies... so it would be very, very sad, if there was no festival next year! What we don't understand is - if you can get 8000 people to come to Hodonin for a festival for 3 days - what better advertisement can you get for a place?