For the support of the Made of Metal festival in Hodonín


acc. to art. 18 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and law no. 85/1990 Sb. o právu petičním  

For the support of the Made of Metal festival in Hodonín    

Through this petition, we, friends, fans and supporters of the Made of Metal festival, signed below, ask the town administration of Hodonín to admit that holding this festival in the area of the former military training grounds benefits the town, and to express their much needed support for the organization of another edition.  

We believe that the event, which has brought in approx. 8,000 visitors from all over the world to Hodonín thus far, brings not only worldwide renown to the town, but also an undeniable financial profit. Over the course of the three-day festival, its visitors noticeably support the local economics – restaurant and hotel owners, as well as other businessmen. The festival is also very positively rated by performers and visitors both from the Czech Republic and from abroad, and in its first two editions, it has already ranked among the most significant metal festivals in the Czech Republic. Its support and significance is also evidenced by this petition.  

For the reasons stated above, we ask the town’s representatives to declare their support for the festival in the following ways:  

1.      provide the ex-military training grounds for the festival’s next edition,

2.      modernize and provide technical facilities in the ex-military training grounds area (fences, electrics, water supply) to reach a standard for holding cultural events comparable to similar venues in other cities (e.g. Metalfest in Plzeň),

3.      offer financial support to the festival in the form of a grant in an amount sufficient to enable the organization of another edition.   We trust that these requirements will be thoroughly debated and taken into account.

 For the petition board: Mgr. Jitka Hrabovská, Dvorského 30/10, 639 00 Brno, Ing. Stanislav Macek, Měšťanská 73, 695 01 Hodonín,

Jiří Kašík, Brandlova 3171/80B, 695  01 Hodonín and Michal Pospíšil, Žižkova 2294/4, 695 01 Hodonín