Bring Sienna Guillory back as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 6

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2015-09-20 01:28

This is very unacceptable to not include, Jill Valentine/Sienna Guillory for the Final Resident Evil. She was one of the most prominent characters, a fan favorite in these films...we all love Jill Valentine and Sienna Guillory. Bring her back, Sienna deserves a proper story/closure for her Jill Valentine character...


#2 Sienna is the best

2015-09-20 01:36

We RE fans love your portrayal of Jill Valentine, Sienna. We all hope you will have the chance to be in the final film.



2015-09-20 02:08

I am true hard Jill fan I loved her so much in apocalypse. Removing a character that is important in the film franchise is not good especially since Alice is heading to raccoon city again, how can they kill Jill off when her first entry was at raccoon city, it will be a huge loss to Sony and to Paul. We sienna one last time unless am not sure how I will feel, I will be so heartbroken if Jill does not make it pls people lets bring siennaforresidentevil6



2015-09-20 02:13

Pls people lets support Jill, she is needed a Claire/Jill/Alice will be an epic storyline if Paul play his cards right.



2015-09-20 02:17

I love sienna Guillory as Jill killing her off will be dissapoiting especially now that she is freed from her scrab device. She is important like Claire and Alice and needs a comeback not limited but at least a major so pls Sony we need sienna/Jill back.



2015-09-20 02:30

I was upset bingeing did not make the cut, but I was more upset of rumors on sienna, we need her back she is important, we fought for in afterlife and retribution and we will do it again we an just let Jill vanish from a trance it not possible, Jill is my best after Ada and I will be so sad if I don't see her' Guillory as put in so much effort for Jill learning her movements and mannerisms in the games even more than some of the actors and not to have in the big finale is an epic fail Sony. So please make the right decisions we need this talented actress/ action star in resident evil final chapter unless u will lose fans.



2015-09-20 02:37

I need sienna men, she is hot the best character not only in games but in movies, I remember when I was 12 years old that time. I saw the rpd scene, I was like damn she is hot better than Alice. When I heard she left extinction, I left the franchise until retribution came along. So Sony bring my baby Jill home I don't really care ant Leon or ada, but Jill must return she is too important to ignoreeeeeee imoooo


2015-09-20 02:40

Why does Sony hate sienna so much?! bring her the hell back!!! We waited so many years for her to be Jill Valentine, retribution doesn't even count! 



2015-09-20 02:50

Well am a hard game fan and I have been watching re movies Sony please don't piss me off by axing Jill. This character is not only important to the franchise but her backstory was explained unlike Claire, Jill fought with Alice in retribution she was freed finally and the next thing to do was to bring an unrealistic idea of offing her without explanation that is whack Sony so if u want this movie to be awesomeeeee then bring Jill to the mix with Claire and Alice then the fans will accept this movie a bit, pls so many of you should bring in more people here we need Siena hashtag siennaforresidentevil6 on going we won't stop, and we can't stop resident evil family.



2015-09-20 02:50

Because I loved Sienna in Resident Evil Apocalypse and although her role was very limited in Afterlife and Retribution, she did outstandingly well playing an Umbrella soldier and would love to see her reprise her role along side Alice and Claire. She's NOT A THROWAWAY character. Her story was slight compared to Alice, but very meaningful nonetheless. Sienna brought Jill Valentine to life as Ali Larter did for Claire and Milla for Alice. A fan favorite in the games and movies and they just scrap her? I love Ali and Milla, but I will not buy anymore DvDs nor see it at theatres without her.



2015-09-20 02:54

Am in Sa and I am hearing rumors that Jill might not return well Paul don't make me annoyed pls bring Jill/sienna for re6 siennaforresidentevil6ongoing we can do it lets us not give up hope till will fight to get Jill back.



2015-09-20 02:56

Bring Jill backkkkkkkkk


2015-09-20 03:01

There's no way, NO WAY, to have Sienna Guillory back as the badass Jill back by the end of Retribution and KILLING HER OFFSCREEN ON RESIDENT EVIL 6! I MEAN, IT'S THE LAST FREAKING MOVIE. YOU CAN'T KILL OFF SUCH A STRONG AND BELOVED CHARACTER, A FAN FAVORITE! Paul W.S. Anderson and Constantin Film, bring back Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine and do this character justice. She loves this character and plays her very well. 


#14 Re:

2015-09-20 03:04

#13: Raony -  

 yes dude sienna/Jill for lifeeee



2015-09-20 03:07

Me no sleeping till I hear sienna confirmed for re6 final chapter siennaforresidentevil6ongoing



2015-09-20 03:25

My Jill needs to return for this final fight against that damn red queen woo woo siennafor6 activate fansss



2015-09-20 04:24

#Sienna #Jill #ResidentEvilMovie <3



2015-09-20 04:45

I don't care for levy am a Latinas but I have watched re movies jill is way more important than those boring bunch of newbies bring in jill the heroine, the fighter and a warrior that not only survived raccoon in apocalypse but held her own against Alice she is the queen of resident evil leaving her out is bland and basic and should be stopped sienna movement on going for lifeeeeeeeeee re6 m

#19 Re: Bring Sienna Guillory Back As Jill

2015-09-20 05:05

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 I Agree Unless It has Sienna Guillory As Jill, I will Totally Exclude This Film And Never See It.



2015-09-20 05:30

So many of my friends are voting non stop am so happy thanks guys never knew they cared for jill. Jill for resident evil 6 is almost happening guys am so happy



2015-09-20 05:41

I watched these series since i was a kid

we really need her back....paul milla i beg you to include not just sienna but also other characters that are also available for the Final Chapter....plz make it the true 'Final Chapter'!!!!




2015-09-20 08:19

Because for as long as I can remember, I have loved video games. Resident Evil is probably my most favorite VG franchise. I saw the first movie when I was around six or seven years old and I remember being terrified and amazed by it. I have grown up with these movies and even though I know they're not very high-quality cinema, these movies are fun and they know it. They know they're so bad they're good and these movies and the filmmakers are not ashamed.
With that said, I have to say that Apocalypse is my second favorite RE movie and mostly because it has Jill, my favorite RE character, in it and played by the amazing Sienna Guillory. I fell in love with her portrayal and, like many fans, want her to return to the final film. Even for just a cameo at the end of the movie, I would like my childhood to be appeased by seeing the great Jill Valentine in The Final Chapter as is her right :)



2015-09-20 08:32

Please bring back Jill Valentine. Honor and respect the fans that have been loyal to the movie series for the last 13 years. Jill is an integral and important part of the movie (and game) series.



2015-09-20 10:26

sienna/Jill is a major key role in the movie and must be in it 



2015-09-20 10:33

I want my favorite character back Sony please bring Jill back.