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2016-05-21 13:04

In retrospect I ask: Are you aware of the several fires aboard SeaEscape vessels that departed from Port Canaveral in the
80's. The first of which resulted in a fire death(s?) of crew working to extinguish the 80's(s) fire(s)? I also believe the final U.S. port from which to Star sailed was Port Canaveral. To understand ISP owners and a 'follow the money trail' one should look no further than the sinking of former Premier Cruise Line vessel 'Royal' renamed 'Seabreeze' when transferred to Dolphin Cruise line. That ship sank off Virginia very late 2000 during a storm with a crew of 26, I believe. She was overinsured by many she millions. This was while Premier was being forced into bankruptcy.  Check the history of the Captain of the Seabreeze after the sinking.

"Some of the directors of ISP had previously been Directors or Company officials of the Technical Support Company SeaEscape
who, it will be remembered had in the late 80's and 90's suffered several losses by fire, some under suspicious circumstances the last of which the Scandinavian Star in the Baltic with a loss of  more than 120 lives. The company had already been strongly castigated by authoritarian investigations into earlier fires. SeaEscape faded away to seemingly appear later in the differentguise of International Shipping Partners, Miami."
Saga of the Seawind Crown 10/26/00.

If one studies the early and almost current years of Port Canaveral a researcher could walk away with many nefarious questions about some of the vessel operations as well as Port involvement.
That the Star sailed from Canaveral last may leave a link to the Star's tragedy.

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