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2015-11-27 18:25

because I have personally have so money others invested very real money/time/effort/energy ...but most of all we have community ...and social network going with this that means sooo much to sooo many ....keep zoo2!!!!!!!



2015-11-27 18:49

Because i play the game and I don't want it to shut down...



2015-11-27 18:56

I signed this petition because I don't think it's right what Rock You is doing here. Too many dedicated people are really upset, and to take away this game would be a HUGE mistake for Rock You. So many people only come on to Facebook for this game. I've seen the stats for what they make in advertising, and it's really sick. Seems to me that this is based on greed, and not the concern for customers who, many are disabled or like me, have used this game to calm mental issues like anxiety, depression and OCD. Nothing made me happier than to take care of my animals and organize them. I have spent SO MANY YEARS on this game, and I hope that they change their minds. Otherwise, they will be responsible for a huge hit on Facebook. So many customers are not just threatening to never support Rock You again...they are threatening to leave Facebook entirely. They have ruined it for everyone with just a simple, terrible decision.



2015-11-27 19:00

I have been playing this game for years and there are still more that I want to do. I have also spent a lot of money...



2015-11-27 19:11

i am playing zoo 2 since the beginning i love the game playing both zoos the classic too and i love them both im very sad to hear you will shut it down



2015-11-27 19:32

i like playing zoo world 2 ,better then zoo classic .the animals are moor real looking on zoo world2 ,and have put a lot of money in it to biuld it up .Now your closing the best game out of two.If you close zoo world2 i'll stop playing the classic not worth spending moning in the classic zoo.. brenda speir


2015-11-27 20:07

Have played since the day it opened. Find it relaxing and mind stimulating. I won't complain about the money I have spent because that was my choice, I wasn't forced to spend it.  I also play Classic but find it boring (buy an animal, drop it - done). Think closing this game is a huge mistake on RY's part!!



2015-11-27 20:50

Please keep this game I love it and has spent tons of money on it don't take my zoo away.



2015-11-27 20:58

Best game on Facebook. A huge improvement over Zoo 1. Close zoo 1 if you must close something but leave Zoo 2 up and running.



2015-11-27 20:59

My mom loves this game it will break her heart...this is her life playing it



2015-11-27 21:06

I Like playing Zoo World 2 Its fun for the whole family .



2015-11-27 21:10

Because I enjoy playing this game



2015-11-27 21:47

I like this Zoo better than Zoo1.



2015-11-27 21:49

I'm upset that Rock You decided to inform us zoo2 was closing on Thanksgiving. What a way to show appreciation to your players :-( Please keep zoo2 open - it is a wonderful game and allows each player the ability to uniquely decorate their zoos while learning a lot about animals. Many of us have been with zoo2 since the very beginning and we are very attached to our friends and our zoos. Please do not shut down zoo2.



2015-11-27 21:54

keep this on i like this games



2015-11-27 22:08

I signed because I enjoy the game. I no longer really enjoy Zoo 1.


2015-11-27 22:09

I enjoy the game and the graphics




2015-11-27 22:10

Because I have played Zoo World 2 for a very long time and have spent a fortune on it as well. Leave it alone, please.


2015-11-27 22:14

Because: 1) I love this game, and have paid efforts to get it loved by others.

2) some , many peep have left huge amounts of real money there.

3) we need to stick together, whatever the game community.

4) i play another Rock You game, and i'm afraid it is the next on the shut list.



2015-11-27 22:26

because with out notice my zoo was closed..this is so rotten we all love our animals I did'nt even have time to get rid of them. we want out zoo back was spent on these zoos and yo could ......fix them and out them back on...thank you for considering.
thank you dj kerns


2015-11-27 22:33

I signed this petition because it is a great game; It is calming for me and is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better than Zoo1/Classic; I play both, but may leave altogether if this really does close. It is one of the best games on Facebook and I am very disappointed that it is going to ended. Very disappointed.. please don't shut it down.



2015-11-27 22:40

I stopped playing ZW1 cause my zoo looked like friggin' cartoon-land.  ZW2 is much better with animated animals that looks more real. 



2015-11-27 22:53

Zoo World 2 is so different than other games, This game is a stress re leaver. It can and is a very creative game for people. I enjoy playing it ! Wish you would not destroy my zoo , it my creation ! It has been part of my twice daily routine even on vacations always wanted to open my zoo !



2015-11-27 23:24

if you are going to close at this time,you can refund us our money in facebook credits-that is the only fair thing to do-otherwise no one will play rock you games anymore



2015-11-27 23:27

. Too many dedicated people are really upset, and to take away this game would be a HUGE mistake for Rock You.Zoo Classic in my opinion is a bit childish. Zoo 2 is at least more realistic in its animals. It is relaxing and one can play until the energy is gone (no specific turns). Money has been invested as well as time. If this is due to a bug, then shut down for a week or so-but not permanently. This is as unfair & wrong as Coasterville when it shut down without warning. Just as much time & money was spent there too.