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2016-02-11 23:10

one of the best preserved noncommercial beach on the island and it needs to stay this way! what better "groundkeeper and beach cleaner then Pat and his crew!



2016-02-12 21:14

Good memories



2016-02-12 22:25

Leave the good thing alone.
Eliminate the BAD things!



2016-02-13 02:39

Because Tropical Wave needs to stay and we have to support and help Patrick to keep Le Galion as beautiful as it is.



2016-02-13 10:36

I love Le Galion Beach. It's a safe place for the kids and a very tranquil spot for adults. I pray that it's not spoiled.



2016-02-13 13:55

A beautiful spot, that needs Tropical Wave!



2016-02-13 14:07

I love SXM. The culture, nature and simplicity. I understand there needs to be clean up of destroyed buildings, but that is such a serene beach to visit, it would be a shame to deprive residents and visitors of the experience. If they are forced to close, who moves in next?



2016-02-13 14:14

I love this beach and the Tropical wave restaurant. We have been going there for years. Pat Turner mains the beach and the restaurant. He is an asset to the Island.



2016-02-13 14:35

I lived on the island from 1977 through 1989. Pat was known to be a caring resident and has always been devoted to the islands betterment.



2016-02-13 14:45

It's a beautiful place I hope to visit some day soon and is highly recommended by my family who are St Martin residents



2016-02-13 19:23

Because Pat is the beach steward



2016-02-13 22:08

Pat and tropical wave has been island institution. Insane after all these years ... Does French authorities really want to kill all thriving commercial ventures in St Martin? Seems so ...



2016-02-14 01:25

This is the most authentic SXM experience. The kids love the place. Been going there for 12 years!



2016-02-14 04:59

We spent 4 days eating there, relaxing and windsurfing. This is the best beach and beach bar we have been to. It would be a shame to lose it.



2016-02-14 09:21

Galion beach i spent lots of Time with my kids There
We live thaïs place

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2016-02-14 15:49



2016-02-14 15:50

Having seen the destruction of this island over the last 33 years I feel now is the time for people to take a stand against the money people who want all of this sailed for themselves. It is reprehensible what has transpired on both sides of this island with the sole purpose to enrich a few. I hope everyone will support these people by just taking a look over at Orient & what was done there to ruin a wonderful beach & a great tourist experience.



2016-02-14 16:09

Corruption and money grabbing



2016-02-14 20:35

I come to Le Galion And Tropical Wave for over 15
year. For me it is the most relaxing place on the island. The sea is perfect, great view, and 'down to earth' people.



2016-02-15 02:16

This is a local family weekend gathering loaction.



2016-02-15 06:12

This has consequences for the entire island of which I am a part.



2016-02-15 13:58

Because I believe in the cause.



2016-02-15 18:35

The French Side seems to be doing everything it can to harm businesses and destroy its own economy. What is the sense of that?



2016-02-16 04:54

when someone runs a business on the same location with a heart for the environment around it, and is paying tax for that piece of land, providing jobs for several people, then the government should respect that. Sure they can come with suggestions, but never force a businessman to have his own hand-built building torn down only to move to a location to pay a ridiculous amount of rent.
I like Le Galleon beaches, calm water, the floating swim platforms, the garbage bins that Turner placed and maintains on his own cost (not the Conservatoire), and of course the bar "The Tropical Wave". I wish you all the best in the fight against these pencil jockeys.



2016-02-16 05:14

its a great place he has built and maintained with his own money and hard work