Support the Tropical Wave and save Galion beach spirit

Mobilize us to preserve one of the most authentic places of the Island

Created on November 1977, the Tropical Wave has became an Institution in welcoming the largest Clientele of Sint Marteen as his friendly Island is nicknamed.

The Owner Richard Patrick Turner has been an asset to the entire population in the preservation of this beautiful site. He has always enhanced the beauty and the interest of the beach (Plantation of the coconut trees, Installation of the garbage containers, Construction of the swim platform for the kids, Implantation of the beach volley court …). He is mobilizing his Staff every day to keep the beach attractive and accessible (Sargasso weed and garbage cleaning, road and parking…)

The spirit of the beach is directly linked to Tropical Wave, whith the concept to offer a mix of services to the local and touristic families. The Tropical Wave is distinguished by its Cosmopolitan spirit and open minded staff with a simple and quality restaurant, a Watersports center that respects the environment and the rental of beach chairs and umbrellas for those who just want to relax.

In spite of an official Situation on the AW16 piece of Land, for which Patrick Turner pays Tax Foncier every year, the Tropical Wave is still attacked by the Conservatoire du littoral et des rivages lacustres which wants to destroy aller the buildings of the beach.

Signing this Petition, you support the Tropical Wave to stay on the beach and keep its activities in spite of the old hotel destruction. You also defend the public access even during the demolition work.