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2016-03-04 22:18

I sign the petition because Lexa was an epic character and my favorite too. She deserved better than an unholy, insignificant death like this. I'm totally disgusted and the show will lose followers for this big mistake!


2016-03-04 23:50

Cause Jason Rothenberg is a f-ing twat monkey and he royally f-cked it up up!!! *$%* YOU JASON!!!!!!!!

He tore up the clexa fandom and that sucks because this fandom united us all and gave us a common want and we have all probably made friends due to this fandom and i dont want to see it go juSt CaUSE jAsOn F-cKEd IT UP!!!!!!!



2016-03-12 23:28

Lexa deserves happiness. She is a role model for the LGBT n she brings hope to so many LGBT out there that everyone deserve happiness. She is their hero n killing off Lexa is cruel n heartless. The 100 show runner n writers not just killed off Lexa but the entire LGBT, n fandom. Shame on you the 100 writers n show runner.



2016-03-14 22:09

lexa needs to come back! honestly one of the main reasons i like the 100 is due to CLEXA.

#5 Bring back lexa

2016-03-31 02:41

Devastated :(



2016-04-06 21:10

I believe that Lexa deserved better.

#7 The Story Isn't Over...

2016-05-25 11:21

I think the Clarke and Lexa romance was amazing and it would be great to see that continue. Lexa was also a strong, powerful woman who started to change for the better because of her love and connection with Clarke. 

Lexa's story has not been told, there is so much more her character could bring to the show. I have see stranger things happen in TV shows than someone coming back from the dead, so this is doable and surely cast schedules can be worked around so she can return. 

Make this happen...please.