End the genocide in Nigeria

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2016-04-27 01:52

Another Igbo genocide



2016-04-27 01:57

There is no excuse for the armed assault on villages in southern Nigeria by these herdsmen. Whatever their grievances can be resolved like civilized people. The failure of the government security agencies to protect the citizenry is troubling and unacceptable.



2016-04-27 03:31

The genocide happening in eastern Nigeria ,by the Fulani/Bokoharam disguising as herdsmen is pitiable, we are in a situation were by they go unabadetly killing human being with the aid of government security agency. We call on the world to help us.



2016-04-27 03:38

Because Nigeria is in trouble.



2016-04-27 03:52

Nigeria is drastically drifting into a war zone. The government in power seems to be keeping chilling silence to the carnage of brutal destruction going on in the country which makes them culpable. This Fulani hersdmen must be stopped if Nigeria still wants to be one country.



2016-04-27 04:39

Nigeria's President is the motivator of these Fulani terrorists against us



2016-04-27 05:12

The petition is heroic, appropriate and timely.
We want a very peaceful Nigeria. We want no more wars, violence or bloodshed.
Anything that will lead to them must be nipped in the bud and anyone promoting anything that will cause a breakdown of the law and order anywhere must be helped to rethink.



2016-04-27 05:43

We need to end this menace of these maraunding Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria before they end us.



2016-04-27 06:29

The partial position taken by central government in the pogrom by Fulani herdsmen



2016-04-27 06:58

The Nigerian government has been reluctant to condemn the continuous killing of innocent people from the herdsmen. It is double standard to ban other citizens from carrying a gun while these herdsmen are allowed to patrol on the street with AK47.



2016-04-27 08:24

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
Enough is now Enough



2016-04-27 08:59

To find solution to this crisis



2016-04-27 09:05

Bcus enof is enof, we can not stand nd see our pple dis like rats. We want d world 2 here our voice bcus wen we will start dea will not b any room 4 4givness nd dialogue....bcus we will make sure dat no fulani man live 2 see d day light of another both d born nd unborn



2016-04-27 09:13

let's start trending the petition.Its good to have it on record



2016-04-27 09:31

There is well orchestrated and master planned genocide going on in Nigeria by the Invader Fulani Mafia who promised to make Nigeria ungovernable except and unless they become president in Nigeria. Now, one of them is president and is using the Nigerian Government to aid and abet and support this genocide. The Nations of the world like Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and the United States that supported his presidential bid against President Goodluck Jonathan should take responsibility for the current loss of lives and properties.



2016-04-27 09:33

Why did you sign this petition? Because i want to help give voice to the voiceless. My signature to this petition is help spread information about genocide to world leaders and decision makers



2016-04-27 09:44

A stitch in time

#18 To get the government to save lives

2016-04-27 10:08

Stop the genocide in Nigeria



2016-04-27 10:11

I hate injustice. This wanton killings and cover ups must stop.



2016-04-27 10:15

i promise to forward to as many of my friends online.



2016-04-27 10:29

Stop the perpetration of evil on christians and the church by fulanis/bokoharams(muslims)



2016-04-27 13:07

I want justice to be brought to the criminals. They have to be persecuted for their crimes.



2016-04-27 13:15

To alert the world on the replay or download of Kigali genocide in Nigeria before it be gets out of hand. We do not need their aids when war breaks out. We need their intervention now to stop this ugly situation. Nigeria is too big to be allowed go to war.



2016-04-27 13:15

What's gradually developing in Nigeria is Islamic Jihad against Christians and other non-muslims. It's important that the free world and the Western nations are aware of this dangerous development and it's potential to precipitate world crisis. And, it important to let the international community know that the current president of Nigeria, a former Military dictator and an Islamist, General Muhammadu Buhari is the arrowhead behind this genocide. I call on the international community to hold President Buhari accountable to the thousands of death that have befallen peaceful Nigerians since he assumed office for the past 11 months.