Please Cancel Wendy Williams Off Of B.E.T

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2016-07-08 01:32

I signed this petition because if your not for the cause then your against the cause and we plenty of thing, reasons and people to fight, just don't think fighting one of our own is worth the resources or energy. We have a revolution taking place!!!



2016-07-08 17:59

I am signing this petition because for far to many years, Wendy found a shelter behind her microphone and the people have had enough.
From continuously shaming and bashing celebs to now saying that if she were white, she'd be offended with orgainzations founded on the very premise to push our people forward. I can't takenit anymore of her ignorance.



2016-07-08 19:09

Because she is ignorant and divisive. Someone who abuses their national platform.



2016-07-10 10:52

Wendy's comments are so often in conflict with the objectives and ideals of BET- which is to inform, to entertain and to uplift black people.

I love BET. I have admired Wendy for her achievements - she is talented and she is entertaining. I have however been uncomfortable and sometimes angered by some of her frequent denigrating comments of black people in order to pander to white audiences. A majority of the time her denigrating comments have fallen within the parameters of entertainment- (from Rihanna to Oprah) which I have sometimes overlooked, but I think Wendy is seriously losing her way.

There are serious issues affecting black people in the USA and all over the world. Black people are being murdered in the United States are subjected to unfair treatment, both socially and economically.

Wendy's recent comments questioned the existence of Historically Black Colleges, and she attempted to qualify that comment by stating that she would be offended if there were historically white colleges. To compound matters, she made these comments alongside comments that the speech by Jesse Williams at the BET awards was 'what it was' and 'would rub people the wrong way'

Wendy's comments were another desperate attempt to pander to white audiences at the expense of black people including those who are campaigning for change in this revolutionary period.

The world sees what is happening.

BET is a huge platform for ANY entertainer regardless of their colour or creed. Those who have the privilege to use that platform must not be allowed to fall foul of the objectives of BET.

No one is asking Wendy to be a revolutionary. She could have just stuck to celebrity gossip and remained neutral on sensitive or important issues. I would never query that.

Unfortunately, her comments were neither informative nor entertaining. Rather than to uplift, her comments only served to anger, discourage and dampen the spirits of all those who want a better condition for black people all over the world.

This does not necessarily have to be the end of her career. She may go on to 'entertain' on other channels.

Just No Longer on BET.



2016-07-11 05:25

Wendy Williams is a rude woman and she dont like people



2016-07-14 09:07

Because..she always have something to say...every person has the right to there opinion..n she is overrated with her comments



2016-07-14 09:32

Wendy Williams constantly talks bad about everyone so her show needs to be cancelled. She so negative



2016-07-14 09:33

Wendy need to support the black race and take a class on black history



2016-07-14 11:53

She always talking about ppl she not a positive at all, her show consist of gossiping.



2016-07-14 17:39

She's very ignorant and she's contributing to the problems we have in this society with her uneducated ass.



2016-07-14 18:02

She said she doesn't think it's fair to have Black Entertainment Television, well she doesn't need to be on BET



2016-07-14 19:17

She needs a reality check. Remember  were you came from  Wendy 



2016-07-14 19:17

Because i do not agree with her given views on the Black lives matter movement.



2016-07-14 22:54

I'm not a fan of her show



2016-07-14 23:35

She is bad



2016-07-15 00:18

Misery loves company



2016-07-15 01:11

She put to many people down.And talk bad just if she better then anybody else.



2016-07-15 02:35

Because i don't watch her show no way.



2016-07-15 04:04

We need have more positive black images instead of negative. The world judges off what they see on t.v. and social media and all the images are bad so it doesn't surprise me why they think the worst about us



2016-07-15 04:05

She should be ashamed of herself.



2016-07-15 04:39

I signed this petition because, Wendy Williams is a negative nancy and feeds off drama to maintain a active audience moreover a good show. She always seem to down black people every chance she gets! It's like are you not black as well? Is it that you're kissing ass or trying to fit in with whomever is against us? What's your logic? 



2016-07-15 05:23

SHE is a very disrespectful woman.And l dont like her.



2016-07-15 09:08

She annoying as he'll, but most importantly she shows hate and jealously towards her own people to make herself look good



2016-07-17 13:54

I think Wendy is definitely getting ahead of herself and if she isn't going to use her platform in a positive way to uplift her fellow African American brothers and sisters then i would rather not even be seen on BET



2016-07-19 02:46

I have my reasons!!

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