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2011-09-11 07:32

Time is priceless. This man is being robbed of his life. Nothing in the world can give back what he lost and it is our duty as human beings to do everything to make sure he gets out before he loses any more... because I know I'd want someone to do the same for me. God bless you Torrance Stratton, we'll see you asap. ;)



2011-09-12 05:25

a child has been wronged by our judicial system. The tri-cities judges , lawyers ect.. for the most part are crooked .Ive been wronged and many others its time we stand up for what fair and for what justice is truely about.



2011-09-13 08:30

16 murders have occurred since 2004 and NO ONE has received 50 years!


2011-09-15 19:26

i want my brother back home where he needs to be


2011-09-18 08:37

Love u Torrance



2011-10-23 09:42

Rapos and actual murders get less time... The system is fucked up!