We Demand Justice for YueYue - 15yr Sentences for Drivers

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2011-10-22 23:58

Absolutely shocking the people that walked and drove past that poor baby's broken body lying on the road in a pool of blood! hope they never have a minutes peace in their lives dirty selfish animals



2011-10-23 03:34

I hope these people are caught. They deserve to rot in prison, My heart and all my love goes out to the family.               Tina - Marie from Aotearoa xx



2011-10-23 09:12

sais degeulasse il faut quil sois juge pour avoir tuer une petite fille sans defance...

#4 enprisonement a vie ........

2011-10-23 09:14

il faut metre les personne qui on commis se meurtre en prison toute suite .....

#5 Im Broken

2011-10-23 10:22

I am now and forever will be BROKEN from this!
can words ever express how I feel?? NO they cannot I feel every terrible feeling that could possibly be felt! Just when the images leave my mind there they go creeping back in to make my stomach turn!! Why did this happen?? How could this have happened, I wish it would have been me over this innocent angel! Im so sorry YueYue in this world of sick people there are still the ones out there like myself who would have picked you up and taken any punishment to save your little life! Our maker gives all of us a light, and some of us choose to let our light go out, but My light like many others still shines, and those who have let their light go out are lost souls ( LOST)forever!!
I love you YueYue :( Im so sorry I wasnt there to save you :(

#6 I can't believe it.

2011-10-23 10:40

I'm shocked. I can't believe this. A little child died because the people in China didn't help her.
It's impossible ...

"Little angel, little Yueyue, you're now in a better place. You're in the arms of God and you can fly with your wings. Nobody can hurt you anymore. Anymore. We love you and we'll love you forever, little princess. "



2011-10-23 11:33

pour que cela ne se reproduise plus jamais!



2011-10-23 12:36

omg poor baby i think of u kisses



2011-10-23 14:08

condoléhence pour sa famille



2011-10-23 14:16

Just for you baby....



2011-10-23 15:14

que justice soit faite les conducteurs et tous ceux qui ont vu cette petite et non pas bouger quil soit tous juger !!! paix a son Ame un ange de + dans le ciel <3


#12 Re: Im Broken

2011-10-23 15:28

#5: momof4andbrokentopieces! - Im Broken

I understand how you feel, I cannot get the images out of my mind. I am in utter disbelief over this and I am hurting so much for her and her family. :(


#13 Re: Im Broken

2011-10-23 15:36



2011-10-23 15:39

Very well said! I too have been aching inside, some days finding it hard to breath. So many people feel like us, I just hope her family know that they are not alone. We will be supporting them for many many years.



2011-10-23 16:00

justice pour ce petit ange yue yue punissez les 2 chauffeurs de camion qui lui ont fait subir ces choses horribles en lui roulant dessus et ne l'ont pas aidé



2011-10-23 16:34

Il faut rendre justice a la petite Yue Yue, mais aussi il faut que ses parents voient que même les citoyens Français les soutiennent. Une pensée pour la maman, le papa et son grand-frère.



2011-10-23 16:45

I watched the vedo an it made me sick how can that truck not know to me it looked like who ever was driving that truck knew that thay hit somthing an all those people that walked buy an looked at that little gril needs to get somthing to its just so sad



2011-10-23 16:48

Justice for this little princesse, It should never have arrived.



2011-10-23 17:11

Little Yueyue has left this cold world but also left a huge impact all over the world...only a true angel can do this..i love you Yue yue <3



2011-10-23 17:24

Justice for our angel Yueyue!



2011-10-23 17:28

justice pour toi mon ange et surtout pour tes parents qui te pleure et te pleurons toujours à cause de personne sans cœur et surtout sans intelligence



2011-10-23 17:33

I think of the hell that have to live your dad and your mom the inconceivable pain, because of nobody who irresponsible, egoism, and especially not intelligent....... RIP my litle princess <3
Adopted Children Unwanted!

#23 Who is truly responsible?????

2011-10-23 19:16

A two years old toddler has no business being unattended by a real mother, father, or other loving person responsible for this baby. Before fingers are pointed at d the drivers, the drivers who are not acustomed to looking for babies in the road, we need to hold the people responsible for the care of this child! The reports state that the so-called mother was told to cry in front of the reporters. The "parents" quickly get a lawyer, but the Truth is that Yue needs a lawyer to represent her from the callous neglect that caused the horrific death.

#24 Re: Who is truly responsible?????

2011-10-23 20:39


#25 Aurore de Belgique

2011-10-23 20:39

Pour que justice soit rendue à ce petit ange parti bcp bcp trop tôt. J'espère de tout coeur que la police chinoise va faire en sorte d'attraper ces personnes et qu'elles soient condamnées comme elles le méritent !!!!
Condoléances aux parents et à la famille de cette petite princesse :'(
Une grosse pensée de Belgique.