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2011-12-03 19:18

I hope an pray someone helps so another child disengage have to suffer in silence!



2011-12-03 19:54

this has made me hurt in my soil my heart because i wish he can be punised in the worst way that perhaps god knowes .



2011-12-03 20:18

Protect childhood...protect the future.



2011-12-03 20:52

This is a sick creature, God will punish him one day but for now the courts need to throw the book at him life in prison would be to good for this sick creature!



2011-12-03 22:31

Come on all of you lets help this little princess



2011-12-04 00:16

How could you not remove this child from her father with all of the evidence.



2011-12-04 01:29

The justice system is there to protect the innocent, the weak, those who can't provide of take care of themselves. They are too protect those from tyranny and oppression. It is time our country realize that protecting children, means they are protecting the future of this country. To leave child with their abuser, is damning our world and dancing upon the graves of our forefathers who are restless because the system they created for good, has become the biggest bully in our country.


2011-12-04 02:36

I pray for this little girl that she gets returned to her mother before her father kills her either by abuse or overdose on meth. NO CHILD SHOULD HAVE ANY AMOUNT OF METH IN THEIR SYSTEM!!



2011-12-04 04:23

This is only possible because the "mans world" has to many sick mans in justice and other high positions !!
Your days are counted !!!


2011-12-04 05:08

Bloody hell and still the judge said it was ok for this child to still have access????....Maybe the legal powers should be drug-tested too.



2011-12-04 05:40

I signed in hopes of bringing this baby back to her mommy, safe and unharmed. Bless this little girl she's in my prayers



2011-12-04 07:04

This guy is sick and seriously needs 2 punished big time.. poor lil gurl our hearts go out 2 u and mum. Kia Kaha



2011-12-04 11:43

There is never an excuse for child abuse. Those who harm children deserve the highest form of punishment. Convicted child abusers should be sterilized by the State, and their children should be taken away from them permanently. Once a child abuser, always a child abuser! These people deserve no leniency because they are evil! ~



2011-12-04 12:21




2011-12-04 18:42

Im praying she is returned to her mother, and her father is jailed. She is a beautiful child and should be safe and happy.


2011-12-04 18:51

i know the feeling i going thought it also :(



2011-12-04 18:58

Note I advocate with thousands of supporters against child abuse-this includes those in higher positions, officers via police, and court, lawyers-they should pray they have no kids because its time we not just stop at getting mila back-but if they could/would allow for a child to be abused, it just may not be in the best interest, or safe place for their own kids to be in their custody...Mondale created the Child protection svce and we need to start reporting these kind of travesties to him...



2011-12-04 19:10

The abuse of Mila since age 2 is documented by reputable doctors and sex abuse specialists, and domestic violence and other expert lawyers. She has suffered enough. Bring her back to her protective, loving mom!



2011-12-05 23:16

I feel sick my heart is with you Mia



2011-12-06 11:07

Please give the hare Krishna men a chance to save and making this world a better and peaceful place to live on.



2011-12-07 05:56

I pray to our lord. Please send Mila home to her mumma. Sending you loveing light untill you are home with Mumma sweetheart. Bless you Mila x


#22 Re:

2011-12-08 04:48

#18: -   Mila is still asking for help. Mila has just turned 5 years old. Mila has been living with her abuser for the past 3 years, Mila's mum has all the evidance one would need to move a child to safety. The abuser is being protected, while a little girl suffers, suffers at the hands of her father/ Mila's sexual abuser! God save Mila. Send her hom to her Mumma.



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2011-12-08 04:49

#22: - Re:  

 # 18:- follow on .......... God bless Mila and her mumma.


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2011-12-08 04:55

#10: Izzy -  DHHS could of gone in there and got that judges disicion over ruled, This case of poor little Milas is heartbreaking/mindbogling, Mila has been asking for help for the past 3 years, This should of long ago been a case for the Feds. May the Federal Government investigate all involved. Now while Mila still has her life!




2011-12-08 05:01

This is just devistating! Mila absolutly should be at home with her mumma where she will be safe, And the Federal Government should be investigating Igor/Waxman /DHHS
S A V E . M I L A. X X