Save Mila

Mila is an adorable little girl who was born on the 29th of November 2006 in Portland, Maine to Lori Handrahan, and Igor Malenko. The darling little Princess has dual nationality of Ireland and America. Mila is just like any other child; she loves her Mother, her friends, Winnie the pooh, Dr Seuss, Charlotte's webb, puzzles, Cooking, Flying, computers and climbing anything she can get her hands on.

She is a child with a huge heart... she once told her mother she wanted to live in Africa so that she could take care of the baby elephants. A promise to this day her mother has not been allowed to fulfill.

See this child is not just any child, she was stolen from her loving and caring mother to be put into an abusive home. She came home from a visit with her father and had signs of sexual abuse; it hurt her to go to the toilet, she had inflamation and UTI as well as blood and skin cells in her urine. Her mother secretly filmed Mila talk about what her father was doing to her yet the 38 year old Dutch national still has not been charged. Maine Child Protective Services has failed this little girl, and the family court Judge Moskowitz denied this child a safe childhood, by not putting this child in a safe home BOTH the state of Maine and Judge Moskowitz have ABUSED this child! When you side with an abuser, you too are an abuser!

Even though the parents have joint custody, Lori has been denied access since the 10th May 2011. Again Moskowitz has abused this child by not reinforcing the joint custody agreement.

It is not only Igor, the state of Maine, and Judge Moskowitz that are abusing this child but also shockingly enough the US govt! The US govt have refused to deport the the ILLEGAL alien from the country, as he claims to have been the victim of domestic violence even though police reports show that it was he that abused Lori!

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Clinic reports show that this child was sexually abused -

There is photographic evidence of an abrasion on her cheek, she told DOCTORS that her father did it, and by not doing something the DOCTORS involved have ALSO abused this child! -

She was filmed telling her cat that her father sexually abused her, a cat can't talk.. but you can!

Mila has spoken out various times... when will you listen?

Medical evidence cannot be ignored... nor can she

She had a cut on her bikini line... she said that her father rubbed a cardboard box against her... imagine what this poor child is going through RIGHT NOW! Do you care?

She had ten times the high level of METH in her urine... try and explain that! 56ng of METH in a CHILDS urine!

With so much evidence of abuse... can you stay quiet? or will you help PIXIE DUST support Mila?


FIVE children DIE in the US every single DAY from CHILD ABUSE, Don't let Mila become a statistic


Mia is an official PIXIE MASCOT, she is a caring little child who deserves a chance at life, together we can bring her home to her mother and prevent her becoming another statistic, she deserves to be raised with her mother, in a safe and happy environment.


Mia darling, we love you! You will always have the backing of all at PIXIE DUST WORLDWIDE, we will speak up for you Princess

Love Pixie Dust





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