State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate

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#1 Vaccine Mandate is Unconstitutional & Dangerous

2022-01-20 22:50

I am the parent of a 20 year old son who took a leave from Stony Brook. I signed the petition and sent it to countless family and friends who also signed it. Over the course of the past year, we experienced the disappointment of family and friends who suffered the consequences of the after effects of the vaccine including myocarditis, paralysis, heart attacks, and other chronic ailments not experienced  before  the jab. We understood why our son did not want to take the vaccine.   Our son took time off hoping the mandate would be lifted. This mandate is unconstitutional and the rushed experimental drugs are still not FDA approved.  These vaccines are for emergency use only,(what ever that means) but also pushed for reasons beyond promoting protection.  If the vaccine is so effective why is it needed three and four times in one year? Our son wants to go back and complete his degree. He only needs to complete a year and a half. He like many students are unwilling to compromise. Thousands of students left the SUNY and CUNY school system over the past two years. Could it be an unwillingness to use their body as collateral in order to obtain a college degree. I’ll continue to  pray each night for this vaccine mandate to cease.
I also eagerly anticipate the Nuremberg two trials.  

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