Stop the 16 March marches and Latvians revising history!

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#1126 Re: 100% agree.

2014-02-06 21:13



2014-02-07 22:15

Stop the 16 March marches!



2014-02-08 15:48

Stop Nazi! Я против нацистов в любой стране.



2014-02-12 12:38

No Nazis anymore.


2014-02-19 05:45




2014-02-28 21:46

Simply unacceptable.



2014-03-05 13:00

Легионеры латвийского сс убивали латышей и жителей латвии! И после этого их чествовать как героев? Жаль что нынешняя молодёж поклоняющаяся фашистам не побывала на той войне...



2014-03-13 08:28

i vould like to remaind every one to read nuremberg tribunal act abot Latvian legion, and you will find out that they are not criminals. thos who think they are should read abot holocoust done by solviet union, and masive rapes they did in berlin, also what they did in balstic states and Ukraine. if you look at numbers soviet union cilled more humans than naci germany. for Latvia bouth of them where bad, but after what happen in year of terror when solviet cilled tousands of families and deported tousands more to syberia seperating children from mothers and woman from man. besaids in ww2 in bouth armies fought Latvians and it vasts unusualy to be forced to fight againsts brother, son or father.



2014-03-13 08:35

for thous who call Latvians fashist should learn atleast basic history to see that fashist was italy and naci was germany atleast so much you can learn??? also for thous rusians who call Latvians fashit and naci should remember solviet times and movies then and you will see that even solviet union said that Latvian legion was'nt responsible for holocaust. I Remember Everything, Richard (Latvian: Es visu atceros, Ričard) if solviet unnion was soo good than why they would allow that film to be made? and also why would solviet officals said that legion was non criminal organazzition?



2014-03-13 18:55

Пидарасы и уроды.



2014-04-19 06:15

Stop zombie-nazi!!


#1138 Re: Re: one of the reasons why Latvians fought against the Soviet

2014-04-21 16:27

#11: - Re: one of the reasons why Latvians fought against the Soviet

Latvian security police was about 2000 soldiers, Latvian Legion was about 150 000 soldiers. How do you can blame other 148 000?



2015-03-16 08:51

Сколько лет мы можем терпеть это издевательство??? Наши деды, отцы проливали кровь за наше светлое будущее, а латыши... Стали пресмыкающимися перед этими ФАШИСТАМИ!!!



2016-03-02 19:51

I was born in this country and proud to study in the 1st jewish school of the whole SU. I can't believe my homeland seriously wants to become an international face of nazism. It seems like big step backwards in these global times.



2016-03-10 20:37

For me as daughter and granddaughter of Germans who were sentenced to jail because of their Anti-Nazi activities (my father was almost 18 years old) in 1944 the glorification of SS-Legionnaires, whereever in contemporary world, is intolerable.
Nie wieder Faschismus! Nie wieder Krieg! Never again fascism, never again war! That's what we feel obliged to fight for - in Berlin, Dresden, Riga... anywhere.



2016-03-16 22:14

History is the memory of the human race. It should never be falsified.



2016-03-22 06:14

I don't like nazi criminals and killers.



2016-03-22 06:51

It's a shame day for Latvia. Stop Neonazi in all Eastern Europe - not only Latvia - Estonia and Ukraine are revising their history as well.


#1145 Re:

2017-03-03 19:27

#1133: -  

 Thanks for you recomendation. But I would like to recomend you to read all materials of Nurenberg International Court to know at least what about you are talking.
By the way, for your knowlege: there was not! act about latvian Waffen SS legionaries. It was a different document about persons, who was forced to go to SS troops.


#1146 Diese Luge ist fake news lugenpresse

2017-03-18 20:36

Was is den das? Es ist tage fur legionaren wen freicheit von russishen hat unsere gemacht un nicht Ss. Was ist mit euch? Sind sie nich voll oder hat andere sagt zu sie luge?
Mythos # 1: Letten unterstützte Nazi-Deutschland
Mythos # 2: Letten trat freiwillig die Legion
Mythos # 3: lettischen Legionäre waren Kriegsverbrecher
Mythos # 4: NS-Regime - "weniger böse" Lettland
Mythos # 5: Lettisch 16. März glorifiziert Nazismus

Lettland legionare sind welche ware fur Lettlands freiheit und ware macht zu gehe in frei army aber ware by ss gemacht zu by es zu komandiert. Mein tip lerne fon buche und historian oder wikipedia (aber nicht russishe dachu vie habt wie geseht im Ukraine krieg Putin administracione wachte luge im russiche wikipedia, dazu ofnen also wikipedia citaten) und nicht sprechen zu diese propaganda welche von Russland komt welche nicht voll sagt alle. Das ist dumme marionetten :D

Hier etwas zu google translate zu lessen
Fire crossroad Lies and truth about Latvian legionaires


#1147 Re: Re: Re: one of the reasons why Latvians fought against the Soviet

2018-03-07 11:31

#1138: - Re: Re: one of the reasons why Latvians fought against the Soviet 

First of all in Voluntary legion Waffen SS "Lettland" was about 110 000 persons. In Arais comando, which was part of Legion where 2 400 persons. Of course, it doesn't mean that all the rest 86 000 were war criminals. But does it means, that they were Latvian freedom fighters, like them show in March 16 rallys?

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