Dog Dragged to Death

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2012-04-23 05:54

So disturbing and sad. The poor, poor dog. I cannot imagine how terrified he was until he was horribly killed. Please support this petition! Acts of cruelty to any living being are not ok!

#2 Justice

2012-04-23 07:43

I have seen another picture in which a license plate is shown. I live in Seoul, but can't speak Korean well at all, so have no way of knowing how to track this person down. Honestly, I think some people need to "visit" this person for a "discussion". If anyone can find a way to figure out where this person lives, I would be happy to join along. Send an email to Yes, just I'm serious about this.



2012-04-23 15:40

Absolutely disgusting.



2012-04-23 21:25

I am horrified Monsters just pain monsters please catch and punish God bless that baby



2012-04-23 23:37

A dog was seen tied to the back of a car and dragged to death on the Gyeongbuk expressway in S. Korea over the weekend(4/21). The perpetrater was drving a "Hyundai Equus" which is a luxuary line of Hyundai cars. The dog unfortunately was dead by the witness noticed him. Animal rights groups in Korea has provided the car license number and the photo/video proofs to the police for their investigation. Many netizens of S. Korea are appalled and shocked by this incident. However, in S. Korea millions of dogs are being abused and brutalized each year in their dog meat industry. How many people are upset about how they are treated? As long as S. Koreans see dogs only as meat, these types of deviant sickening behavior will continue and not only the dogs but their society will suffer as well.
Watch the video:



2012-04-23 23:55

omg disgusting and so heart broken for the poor dog.. no animal deserves this. they should do it to him see how he would like it!!! so very nasty people in this world :(



2012-04-24 00:00

This is a disgusting, evil behaviour and general attitude to living beings.



2012-04-24 00:30

Most definitely Korea should have thougher laws for Animal Cruelty and it's law breakers.



2012-04-24 00:32

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!! the more people are aware of what type of animal cruelty exists in the world is the only way to get people to change!

#10 asians...

2012-04-24 00:51

what you expect from people with small penis??? nothing... in south korea only living idiots...



2012-04-24 01:55

Just BOYCOTT all the korean products until those Korean based mega companies step out and stop all those cruelty including dog meat consuming in S. Korea.



2012-04-24 03:19

Good thing that asshole isn't in the states, he would be killed..



2012-04-24 05:59

South Korea, please stopped eating dog meat and torturing those poor stray dogs.



2012-04-24 08:01

For those people it's maybe normal.....but to us those animals are man's best friends!!!! It's heartbreaking to see this :'-(



2012-04-24 09:36

Only a demon can be this evil.



2012-04-24 09:39

The law regarding the treatment of dogs in S Korea needs to change. It's all well and good pointing the finger elsewhere but these highly intelligent and sensitive animals deserve compassion, respect, dignity and a life and death free of trauma, stress and pain! Please change your attitude to dogs



2012-04-24 10:53

Please let people get sense, all life deserves respect in the world ....



2012-04-24 10:54

Prosecute the evil person who tortured and killed this poor dog. Show us you have hearts and aren't still barbarians.



2012-04-24 10:55

poor dog! this is not right! find who did it and do it to them!



2012-04-24 11:42

There is no word which can express my sorrow.........My question is: how would the person abusing a helpless animal treat me?????? I better do not want to know the answer.......



2012-04-24 11:50

all lives are precious....all creatures on this earth deserve us,,,,so dont treat them bad,,,they are our friends.



2012-04-24 12:11

People like this should be locked away and yes Blacklisted and they should be made to pay a very heavy fine.



2012-04-24 14:00

How a human could commit such a calous crime is beyond me. Let the punishment fit the crime.



2012-04-24 14:16

Horrible...put the bastard in a fancy car...still a bastard!



2012-04-24 14:24

omg..this breaks my heart,those people r sick,god dammed them all to hell,rip....sweet dog,hang that sick sob,