shameful gang rape

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2013-01-03 07:08

Also punish those who throw acid on women face.Its high time for the change. Indian women have suffered enough.



2013-01-07 15:01

what is utmost required in India is to change the character of the police :
1. Police itself should have fear of law , taht if something wrong they will do / aganst law, and if they will not be prforming their requisite duties then they will be facing hasrd results. In nutshell a sense of responsiblity in the police for acting and behaving properly, and this can be done only by putting a high degree of fear in Police also.
2. A faith among the people that if they will go to the police they will get protection and not the fear of getting harassment, because of which the general public dont want to see the police even in the dreams.

#3 Subject

2013-01-07 15:30

We are setting up an example and proving Sir Winston Churchill correct wherein he had said " "Power will go to rascals, rogues, freebooters. . . .
All leaders will be of low caliber & men of straw. .They'll have sweet tongues & silly hearts. .They will fight amongst themselves for power & the two countries will be lost in poli...tical squabbles. .A day would come when even air & water will be taxed." What he forgot to mention that women would be treated like beasts and that the buses and cars would be more frequently used to molest and ill treat women. Yes !! we are FREE INDIANS... free of the freedom to move around..with criminal and crooks lurking in every corner... you have wolves in sheep clothing in every walk of life.>> we should also seek a change ... It is only fair to ask or force a change when the empowered ministers cannot perform... let the government prove that they are serious by tabling a law and getting it approved .. the FDI bill was passed in total least the "NIRBHAYA BILL" will have agreement. I suggest that all self respecting Indian with morals should attend the Republic Day Parade wearing a Black Shirt/Scarf/Cap/Saree/Band, so that the whole nation/world witnesses the strong resolve in Indians.


2013-01-07 15:40

Unfortunate depiction of women in Indian Films has to be stopped ABSOLTELY. Films have tarnished the social and cultural image of women in India. It should not be permitted at all.
Anand Krishna

#5 Gang Rape

2013-01-07 17:14

It is not only our responsibility, but also our obligation to humanity that we all stand up and work together to put a stop to such barbaric and inhuman acts.



2013-01-07 23:53

Justice awaited.


#7 Accept the responsibility.

2013-01-08 04:35

The Government and public servant must take morale responsibly( primary) for this incident and must open up their minds.
The citizens have secondary responsibility and must be aware of themselves.
Corruption is root cause of all these incidents . Eradication of corruptions start fro leadership. Its a "top down bottom up" approach.
Indian leader must follow "Walk the talk" philosophy.
concerned parent


2013-01-08 05:17

Respect for womenfolk should start from home -- the children observe how the parents interact with each other, how sons and daughters are treated, so it is most important that we inculcate the values of gender equality in our words, thoughts and actions within the family.
Hopeful Indian


2013-01-08 05:38

Give girls and women their equal share in all aspects of life: Education, Property, Corporations, Respect, Your WILLS !
Put an end to female infanticide !
Only them will our beloved India come out of this shameful state.

#10 gangrape in Delhi

2013-01-08 06:48

It is so unfortunate that people have to still protest on the streets,write petitions to get the 'Elected representatives' of the people to do their jobs !! It happened in the case of Jessica Lal and now it has happened again ! There has to be concentrated effort from all concerned to protect the dignity of women ! It has to come from within oneself and cant be taught !



2013-01-08 10:38

very well written petition!



2013-01-08 11:47




2013-01-08 13:40

This is a heinous crime .Govt has to take very stringent law to avoid such case in future. I pray God to keep soul in peace of the girl.



2013-01-08 14:03

criminal must be punished! no compromise! and hope no more victim


2013-01-15 13:04

Most of the TV serials and Indian Masala movies depict inappropriately a culture that is alien to the Indian society and actual behaviour. One or generations of these visuals imbed the culture among children that 'it' is the 'ok' thing to follow. How many controls can parents or teacher put on the children and adelocents? They grow up to mimik the tiny home & the big silver screen. THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE. The fuel to this fire is the judicial system which is soooooo slooooooooowww that the culprits can get away while the victims have to relive the horror. CAN WE ALL get togeather and pressurize the producers and directors to give us good movies and serials without the bang, smatch and smoooch. We can then be a better society and produce better citizens.
The guilty generation

#16 Disrespect - the root cause.

2013-01-15 13:31

While we petition the Govt to act differently now, let us also pledge to act responsibly in our homes and circles in a way that respects others irrespective of gender, class