shameful gang rape


The Prime Minister of India


We, the citizens of India currently living in Indonesia are writing to you with great sorrow and shame about the gang rape incident of December 16, 2012 in Delhi.

The lack of fear of law and failure of governance and accountability is encouraging such heinous crimes to occur over and over again.

A harsh and severe punishment has to be set as a deterrent or else India will soon become a state where women will fear to step outside their homes.

Given below are suggestions we hope will be considered:

Capital punishment for all six accused for the gang rape of December 16, 2012.  Followed by the below:

1, Police-

  • Women police officers in all police stations.
  • Work shops on how to handle a rape case.
  • Sensitizing the entire police force for crimes against women.
  • Medical training to ascertain sexual assault / rape
  • Punishing those who traumatize the victims or make them feel guilty.
  • Less VIP security and more police force for citizens

2, Laws

  • Rape / molestation to be a Non-bailable offense.
  • Death penalty for rapists.
  • Expose their identities on T.V and newspapers.
  • Special courts for fast tracking rape cases. With a maximum 2 months from filing complaint to conviction deadline.
  • Anyone with criminal record or rape allegations cannot contest elections.
  • Severe punishment for eve-teasing, molesting and groping.

3, Education

  • Compulsory Workshops in private and public schools about equality and empathy.
  • Severe punishments for child marriage and female infanticide.
  • Zero tolerance for crime against women.
  • Public Awareness campaigns about equality and women’s rights on Public transport, Doordarshan
  • Helpline for women in rural and urban India.