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darksouls fan

#1 i think this petition is silly

2013-04-14 10:09

what makes dark souls fun isn't the graphics!! it's the gameplay!
dark souls 2 already improved in every aspect! there is no need for next gen!

next gen means = paying for a console + waiting longer for the game to be developed .. we don't want that!

let developers work on next-gen on the next title..


#2 Silly?

2013-04-14 20:59

The game will come out a month or so before next gen this is for people who are going to be getting rid of their console to get the newer one not everyone wants to stay on the 360 let alone keep one just to play one game no matter how good it is. I for one will be selling my console and wouldn't buy a game for a month the. Not be able to play it.



2013-04-15 18:24

Please port the PC version, we future players of the next gen, could play at 1080p, see high res textures and enjoy 60FPS AT LAST in a console.

It shouldn't be difficult to port from PC!!


#4 Love

2013-06-12 08:30

Peace and love to all, no silly arguements. <3

Perhaps if they ported the game to the next gen console later, everyone could be happy? =)


2013-06-12 13:04

Sure, so long as it comes out on the current gen first. Although I'm starting to have second thoughts, since wouldn't spreading the game onto two generations of consoles plus the PC divide the community just a tad too much?



2013-06-15 19:29

Bring to PS4 & XB1, you have plenty of time FromSoft, between now to your projected launch date of March 2014.



2013-06-17 13:40

Please Make PS4 version



2013-06-19 14:51

It 's a same that this is not NextGen, cause 3 games are the favourites of mine, red dead redemtion, Demon 's souls and Dark souls, probably best of all of them. My PC in ;t good enough for somethink like DkS 2 and if I get it on ps3 with the new consoles, it is eventually gonna die out.
Artorias The Abysswalker

#9 Re: You are right for the most part.

2013-06-19 14:54

#1: darksouls fan - i think this petition is silly

Thing is, old consoles are gonna die out. We are all gonna buy new ones eventually. People withought strong pcs (just like me) are gonna get it on console and then are gonna get the new consoles. Many people are gonna sel the old ones for affording next gen. It is just gonna die out...



2013-08-10 20:46

I am a huge fan of the dark souls series and I am really wanting to be able to play this game I have been looking forward to it since I completed dark souls one and it will be disappointing to not be able to play this on ps4
Veritas Fighter

#11 Re: i think this petition is silly

2013-08-17 19:04

#1: darksouls fan - i think this petition is silly

Lol...yes it's silly that I would like to have the superior experience with a sequel to one of my favorite games ever, while we're at it lets just not advance at all, how bout we make it an 8bit game and load that hot mama onto google play.


#12 The Master Race

2013-08-19 17:32

Assiduous Soul

#13 Please ignore pc trolls From Software

2013-09-07 21:25

One of the best titles of all time and it's not coming to next gen systems. Come on From Software, please bring this amazing franchise to next gen so I can buy it both on current gen and next gen and cherish it forever!.



2013-10-16 01:47

I'm not playing a game on antiqued gear.



2013-12-20 20:37

I turned Dark Souls inside out in the Xbox 360. Spending more than 1000 hours playing many different styles of characters, to not have the sequel released on the next gen consoles is baffling. 1 million consoles of each next gen sold? Think of how many of those people are eagerly anticipating the release of Dark Souls 2. They wont revert to the old consoles, but for the people who don't have the cash or are just able to get their first Xbox 360 it will be a great thing. With that in mind, the ratio of 360 users to One users are rapidly diminishing. If this makes any sense at all, I hope that the move to next gen consoles has a closer look. I thank everyone involved in the making of Dark Souls with all of my gaming love for such an amazingly stunning game, and those involved in the new sequel.



2014-01-08 18:24

It will be amazing if Dark Souls 2 comes for nex gen consoles!



2014-01-13 22:36

I will not be getting this game if it isn't on next gen because I already made the switch



2014-01-15 14:16

Guys, i've been a huge fan of Dark Souls, and i would still play it and DS2, if my ps3 didn't burn. Yes, it did. After that i decided to buy only ps4, because i had limited amount of money. And i'm afraid that i'm not going to buy ps3 one more time. And i REALLy, really really don't want to miss this game. I think that ps4 just needs such hardcore and immersive game with a great atmosphere! Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeee
Sorry for my english)) Arkadiy



2014-01-29 04:54

Dark Souls 2 on next gen would be awesome!!!!



2014-01-31 18:49

PS4 Please!



2014-02-02 15:51

Bitch ass bullshit.



2014-02-03 05:27

While I would prefer a fully developed DarkSouls2 for the PS4, a PS3 port would suffice. Much like what was done for gamers that already had Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4. Download a patch, still requiring the PS3 disc to run, and play on PS4.



2014-02-06 02:19

Would love it for my ps4.


2014-02-10 10:27

I'd love to see this game on the ps4. Since there are no games like this out for ps4 yet i think it would only increase the fanbase. I mean, normally i wouldnt look twice at Thief, but due to the lack of other titles, im probably going to try it out. Also id rather a port than nothing, personally. To those hating on the idea of a petition the producer said that with "fan feedback" they may change their plans http://www.examiner.com/article/dark-souls-2-potential-ps4-and-xbox-one-ports-hinted-by-producer



2014-02-11 03:27

this petition is paramount to the survival of the human race.