Multiplayer on Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

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2013-04-15 14:44

Good idea, maybe just to see Techland.



2013-04-15 18:45

Come on, we NEED multiplayer!!

-Leader of the Quick Killers Clan (CoJ, BF3)


2013-04-15 20:38

No multiplayer,No party! Im not buying it...



2013-04-15 21:29

I woud buy Gunslinger, if there is a multiplayer!!Iwant a COJ with a multiplayer, it,s the reason because I play BiB since 4 years on PS3 !!I don't buy it , if there is no MP!!! Shame on you Techland !!

#5 Re:

2013-04-16 16:39

#4: -

No money, no multiplayer.


#6 L™

2013-04-17 17:56

We Need a Multiplayer !!!!



2013-04-25 22:24

i love call of juarez and this game is the best game on multiplayer i ever played so please make a muilplayer mode something like call of juarez bound in blood



2013-04-25 22:28

I will not buy this game unless it has muilplayer



2013-05-01 03:04

Bound in Blood was a good singleplayer game but the multiplayer is what got me so hooked! I most likely wont purchase without it! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!


2013-05-10 08:46

i was going to buy the game but then i saw NO MP...cmon now ubisoft you never did anything wrong dont start
COJ multi lover

#11 need MP

2013-05-10 17:09

Need multiplayer. Without multiplayer, nobody will buy it.



2013-05-11 14:17




2013-05-13 11:41

Multiplayer porra!!!!!!!



2013-05-16 21:57

i preordered this game and i think it will be great, but multiplayer will be awesome if you create it
it can stay alive with mp



2013-05-18 05:03

Not buying this crap then.
Ex - Techland Customer

#16 Gunslinger Steam Forum has Shills - Disgraceful Behavior from Mad kanosek.

2013-05-20 00:57

After having been brow beaten by this games shills on the steam forums I have now been banned by the idiot Steam member rep kanosek for replying to questions asked by one of the shills. Total bullcrap situation and reason for my ban.

kanosek - are you mates with Sergey Titov? Same disgraceful carry on and shame on you. Yet again another disgrace from these countries who seem to have no idea about customer service and freedom of speech for what it actually is. I wonder why...

Techland - You and you reps are sad and pathetic, which actually goees with your games.



2013-05-22 14:31

im often dreaming about call of juarez multiplayer <333


2013-05-22 16:38

Please make a multiplayer for Gunslinger! It will make it much more fun!!!



2013-05-22 16:48

This is ridiculous that the new Call of Juarez doesn't have a multiplayer. Are you guys afraid of success? We (the fans) love this game, and multiplayer would keep us coming back. After Cartel flop, and then this, I'm afraid you killed a good series of games.



2013-05-22 21:33

multiplayer= :D



2013-05-23 22:12

Ok now listen Techland:
If you dont install am Multiplayer, everyone will crack this game. Its a fuckin fact, but I and i think I'm not alone, want to Support your amazing Games (CoJ BiB etc.) so insert a fuckin multiplayer!
It is so hard?


2013-05-24 07:03

Multiplayer was the best part of the entire Juarez series!



2013-05-24 10:28

Im downloading the demo as I type this and afetr immediately watching gameplay by others on youtube i was lke well that was pointless wait because now ill have to redownload it when i buy it butttt one last google search to see if there will be live and the answer was a no so no i will not be purchasing this game and though im certain i will enjoy the demo replay value means everything to me when i decide to not be frugal so im sorry ubisoft as much as i love the content you bring i will not be buying this intll/if ever you bring multiplayer to the game
Multiplayer wanter


2013-05-26 21:44

I would love to call this game Borderlands meets Red Dead Redemption, but those two games have multiplayer so I cannot yet compare it to such greatness. MUST ADD MULTIPLAYER



2013-05-27 16:26

i instabuy this game if there is a multiplayer, it looks so much to the call of juarez 1 which was so great