Justice for Black Panther Party Leader Pete O'Neal

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2013-06-11 12:14

I have visited Pete and Charlotte, in their home, in Tanzania. All the good they are doing in that country, could be useful in transforming our communities, in the Unided States. Pete is free to do everything except to come home, to us. How is that fair to us?



2013-06-13 07:41

It's been too long, justice has to prevail NOW!



2013-06-13 09:07

Justice for Pete O'Neal!



2013-06-13 14:29

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2013-06-13 21:24

Drop all charges against Peter O'Neal and allow him to travel freely throughout the US as he wishes. This arrest was made on the grounds of a law set in place 2 weeks prior.



2013-06-14 17:37

Free all political prisoners. All power to the people.



2013-06-16 09:18




2013-09-15 02:05

"Justice delayed is often Justice denied." It's time that justice become a reality for Pete O'Neal.



2013-11-11 17:13

So many of us are wrongfully charged and convicted...I feel your struggle...



2014-01-07 21:17

The meaning of the word Justice has to be implemented and applied, otherwise the US administration should use a different word so to explain its action and behaviour towards its citizens. It also show the propaganda the US has promoted for so long whilst been an oppressive system with total disregard for ethic and equality, and in the now 21ct still a major racist country.



2014-02-13 14:03

I met Pete O'Neal on my semester abroad program as an undergraduate. I learned so much about US history and what it means to try to live an ethical life from him. We had very thoughtful conversations about breakfast programs for kids and attitudes of his that have changed over time. I'm a professor today and would love to have Pete O'Neal in the US to help educate future generations.



2014-04-25 16:09

I became aware of Pete Oneal from viewing the documentary Panther in Africa. I grew up in Chicago. I've seen what people in Government can do when they feel threatened. Pete chose to leave the US due to the political climate of the time. My wife and I visited the UAACC compound in Arusha,Tanzania, a few years back, to deliver school supplies and see how the a water project for which the Betty Shabazz Charter school raised funds, was progressing. We were amazed at how Pete and his wife Charlotte have continued to do the type of work in Arusha Tanzania that endeared the Panther Party to the Black community here in Chicago. The Water for Tanzania project provided the funds for Pete to build a 60,000 gallon reservoir that expanded their capacity to provide potable water for their own compound and also the surrounding villages. Pete and his staff built a beautifully landscaped compound of multiple concert buildings, from the ground up, on 5 acres of land. These structures housed their home, school, classrooms, an open air dining and meeting area, recording and art studios, computer labs, the group house, for the children and guest quarters for visiting university students. They have instituted and maintained educational programming, for teaching compute literacy, English, math and science, agriculture, renewable energy and the like. The thing that most impressed us was the group home they provide for children from surrounding villages whose families for various reason have sent them to Pete, Charlotte and the UAACC to be cared for. UAACC staff cares for them 24/7. They feed, cloth and educate them. They travel the country with them on field trips. The children are spirited, talented, happy and well behaved. During our visit we spent evenings at Pete's home and the children would always come by to sit with Baba Pete, watch movies and practice their English. You could feel the love they have for him.
Pete Oneal's story is one of transformation. This man is an exemplar of servant leadership. The US government should pardon Pete Oneal.



2014-05-04 18:01

Please sign!, it takes No TImE at all !!!!
Help Bring Pete O'neal Home!!!!



2014-08-30 14:54

A totally different period of time when being VOCAL was IMPERATIVE. Think about it. I truly do love my friend, Pete O'Neal. Please pardon this beautiful man.



2015-02-08 05:33

Pete, in Tanzania is. A SACRED and Devine friend of mine. I will always petition for 'his FREEDOM. MY GOD! Look what HE brought to our culture. I miss him with all that I AM. AND I LOVE BOTH PETE AND CHARLOTTE. And I miss Pete's voice; especially his laugh... Pete, email me. I so miss you...



2015-08-13 16:34

Personal reasons!



2016-04-10 03:59

I know what White supremacy is, and I know what freedom is, and is not. I will never accept White supremacist would be right, to criminalized Black freedom fighters.

Fredrick Tillman