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2013-11-12 18:42

Thank you very much Sir, for organising the petition , and a big thanks to all that signed it...



2013-11-12 19:40

Well done to you Jason for bringing this to our attention as I had no idea there was any proposition being put forward until you brought it to my attention, which I'm grateful that you did.

Congratulations to all!

#28 Agreement Re Jonathan Reynolds .............

2013-11-12 19:54


I can concur with what you stated as I wrote to Jonathan Reynolds and he did state that he had no objection to a Mosque even though Stalybridge did not have a large population of Muslims and that it was up to the Council to decide, either way he basically abstained which is not that type of person we want or need standing up for us in Parliament or anywhere else for that matter ............... So a rather damp squib I'd say and not looking after or caring about the interests of the residents of Stalybridge or the surrounding areas really.

I was most dismayed and disappointed with the reply I received from him and I agree show your feelings when he next needs our vote and vote him out where he belongs as we need people who have the residents interests at heart and take seriously on-board and are willing to act upon what is in the best interests of the residents of whatever area as these are the people that keep you in your cushy type jobs, so please listen to us and look after us first time of asking and not when it is too late as you have now shown your true colours Mr Jonathan Reynolds.



2013-11-12 20:03

Great news well done to all involved and all who signed, good point about the mp not wanting to help the people of his town who he is supposed to listen to!



2013-11-12 20:09

Nice keep them to Oldham and a bit of Hyde


#31 Re: Agreement Re Jonathan Reynolds .............

2013-11-12 20:13

#28: A-Classy-Lady - Agreement Re Jonathan Reynolds .............

Vote him out. He's useless. The minute he's needed he doesn't want to know. Too busy lording it up down at Westminster.



2013-11-12 20:41

Fantastic news



2013-11-12 21:14



2013-11-12 22:06

Absolute fantastic victory for the people of my hometown of Stalybridge, a huge thank you to everyone who supported this, locals and everyone from around then world...brillient



2013-11-13 12:42

People power wins. Fantastic result.
Not PC.

#36 Jonathan Reynolds.

2013-11-13 12:48

Jonathon Reynolds should hang his head in shame.It is oovious now that he is not interested in the residents of Stalybridge. I hope the residents make their feelings known at the next General Election.



2013-11-14 00:32

According to the Advertiser they intend to appeal so its not over yet.


#38 Regarding the appeal

2013-11-14 18:28

I've read in the Advertiser that the councils decision to reject the planning permission is going to be appealed against. When this happens will there be any way in which those that don't want this Mosque can have a say or is it all going to be done behind closed doors. Does anyone know what the process will be. Many thanks.


#39 Re: Regarding the appeal

2013-11-15 00:14

#38: - Regarding the appeal

No idea, we just need to be vigilant, read the press for new planning applications or changed planning applications, also check out for planning and see if there is a section on this.


#40 Plannig

2013-11-15 00:19
This is the original proposal and rejection, need to keep an eye on this area to see if they put in a new proposal.

Applicant:Dr Arthar Saddiqi

Site: Pineapple Inn 18 Kenworthy Street Stalybridge Tameside SK15 2DX

Just add these to the search


#41 Re: Agreement Re Jonathan Reynolds .............

2013-11-15 13:17



2013-11-15 13:33

I concur with all you say with regard to our 'illustrious' MP. As long as it's not on his doorstep he doesn't want to know! I wrote to him on a matter last year and received some 'woolley' response. In essence, he didn't deem it important enough to warrant any of his precious time. In return, I will not deem it important enough to open my door to him and his co-horts when they come calling prior to the next election.


#43 Re: Re: Agreement Re Jonathan Reynolds .............

2013-11-15 13:35


#44 Re:

2013-11-18 21:35

#42: -

Apparently his majority is less than 3000 which means if everyone who signed this petition voted against him at the next election then this good for nothing will be history. Remember how he refused to help us when it comes time to cast your vote.



2013-11-21 16:31

Big thank you to everybody. Glad Troy see that democracy still works in wonderful country
Power to the people.



2016-02-09 04:31

Superb news.

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