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Saint Rose throughandthrough


2013-11-12 18:10

I stand with the St. Rose Tavern and the family that means so much to me and my community. Please join me in letting everyone know how important this place truly is!



2013-11-12 18:46

I hope the petition helps. THE ST. ROSE TAVERN means so much to me. My family loves the Tavern and it is such a big part of the St. Rose community. It would be such a shame to change anything. It is just so unique.



2013-11-12 19:26

Too much tradition in this business.Generations of my family and of many more families have walked these floors.It is a vital part of our past. Either way...we will never forget this!



2013-11-12 19:46

This restaurant is a land mark. I enjoy riding past it and eating there. IMTT should reconsider they decision to make them move.
tavern fan


2013-11-12 19:49

If this unique southern place can last all these years qnd be featured in several movie, what is the owners definition of a "better" place?



2013-11-12 19:57

Thank you for doing petition for the Elfer family. I have been going there since 1983. My children were there with Patsy's girls. It will be a shame to shut down this establishment.



2013-11-12 19:59

What is St. Rose without St Rose Tavern? Wasn't it in a movie?



2013-11-12 20:06

If Pugene's shuts down, we will lose a priceless part of our Mississippi River Road history. Surely nothing that would take it's place would be as valuable or have nearly as much historical & sentimental value. Does everything always have to be about the money?

#9 Historical Landmark!!

2013-11-12 20:09

The St. Rose Tavern, also known as Patsy Pugene's has been and always will be a historical landmark in St. Charles Parish, since they have opened their doors in 1922!That is at least 90 years of history! Why would someone be so cruel and make a place like this close? So many people have made good and probably bad memories in St. Rose Tavern, but in the end it is a place where locals and even tourist come to have a relaxing meal with AMAZING people who are. Not only for the food they serve but everyone that may pass through their doors. As a resident of St. Charles Parish for over 15 year I say we stand together and help the St. Rose Tavern, Patsy Pugene's, any way we can! SAVE THE ST. ROSE TAVERN, PATSY PUGENE'S!!!



2013-11-12 20:18

Please share and help!
Nicholas Monk
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#11 Re:

2013-11-12 20:20

#7: -

Several videos, shows, movie and commercial. It's famous and the landlord wants to break it apart!



2013-11-12 20:26

It makes me sad to see Patsy's close down. I grew up in this tavern and it could never be replaced. I vow to never set foot in whatever establishment opens in its place.



2013-11-12 20:31

God Bless you and your family Amanda, I pray this all works out. Just take comfort that God does not sleep, and you may not see him, but he will carry you through this. :)



2013-11-12 20:33

I'm proud that I'm from St.Rose , la. how ever I no longer live in the area after Katrina my family had moved to Tn. but ever time we go back we have got to stop at the St.Rose Tavern it also has a special place in my heart as well many memories their and when I grew up and had children we took them their they loved it as much as I have .DON'T DESTORY OUR HISTORY OUR MEMORRIES OF SHUCH AS GREAT PLACE TO JUST HANG OUT OR EAT MAINLY TO EAT WE LOVE PATSY & HER FAMILY DON'T TAKE AWAY A GOOD THING!!!!



2013-11-12 20:44

I'm from the area and it's a part of St.Rose La. Would hate to see it go.



2013-11-12 20:52

Nothing could replace it!



2013-11-12 20:59

It is a shame that you will shut down a community monument so you can make more money. To bad you can't figure out another way to profit off the little people.
If you force this establishment to close, the community is unlikely to support whatever you place there. Or are you going to sell out to "big business" chemical plants around here? Shame on you.



2013-11-12 21:07

man fuck that dude trying to take away history



2013-11-12 21:15

its not right what coleman is doing... please dont evict them



2013-11-12 21:19

The St Rose Tavern is a part of our history. Please let this history live on.
Nicholas Monk
The author of this petition

#21 Re: The owner is a big wig at the plat IMTT

2013-11-12 21:24

#17: -

The owner is a big wig at the plat IMTT


#22 Save The Saint Rose Tavern

2013-11-12 21:40

Outside of legality the most important issue is moral and ethics. the community desires the family that has run the tavern over umpteen generations. We want our historic restraunt and tavern to be continued under the same "elfer" operated business as its always been. we love the elfer family and the part they have traditioned at this landmark for ages.



2013-11-12 22:00

This should be marked as a historical landmark forcing the owner to resend the eviction. The City of Saint Rose/st. Charles Parish should have the option to purchase this tarveran.



2013-11-12 22:10

This is the worst news I have heard. No place on earth is as cool and loved as Patsy Pugene's in St.Rose. I personally have frequented this place since 1968. It would be such a tragedy for this wonderful landmark to be closed down. This family has been in that building for all their lives. Please show some compassion and don't go through with destroying yet another historic landmark. The entire parish of St.Charles should stand strong & demand this not to happen.. Thank you, Christina Graff



2013-11-12 22:39

The St Rose Tavern is a land mark, it has history. we must fight for it. we will petition any and all new business you place here