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2013-11-20 07:29

Industry has been a second home for me. It provides and outlet for kids all age and sizes in the AV to have a place they can go, and not be judged. And enjoy good safe entertainment.



2013-11-21 00:19

I Robert Wheeler would like to keep this Industry Alive and I don't care what people say or think about it and it does not deserve to be shut down it needs to be kept alive for as long as it can



2013-11-22 04:32

My daughter has gone to several concerts there. They are very low key. She has never told me of a fight happening, people drinking or on drugs. If it wasn't a safe environment I wouldn't let her go. I let her go all of the time. The AV needs entertainment like this to stay open. The cops were dead wrong!



2013-11-23 01:01

Industry Theater is a great place for kids to come to a drug free alchohol free place and have fun, I suport Industry Theater 100%