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2013-11-28 18:37

From the Mountain to the Sea I am the river and the river is me.Stand up for New Zealand....stop Eccoside



2013-11-28 22:58

I Say NO! to drilling under our Maunga near our Maunga e tu tangata! e tu! ka nui te mahi kia koutou katoa!



2013-11-28 23:16

Tautoko this.
W.Te Hopeni

#6 taranaki maunga

2013-11-29 02:48

Whakawaiwai ai
Te tu a Taranaki
O kahu hukarere
I huatau ai koe ra
Huhia iho koe
Ki to parawai ma
O kahu taniko
I teno pai ai koe-e!

Me tipare koe
Ki te rau kawakawa
He tohu aroha nui
Ki te iwi e ngaro nei.

Waiho ra,e Rangi
Kia taria ake
Ka tere mai he karere
E kore ra e hoki mai!



2013-11-29 03:09

Not on

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2013-11-29 03:10



2013-11-29 03:19

Tag Oil be warned "Stay away from Koro Taranaki! If Tag Oil refuses to heed such they will feel the full wrath of his anger."



2013-11-29 09:47

Ko te Tangata Ki mua,Ko te Whenua ki muri

Ko te Whenua ki muri ,ko te tangata ki mua

Kaore au e mate ka mate ko te mate ka ora taku toa
ka whaiwhai tonu matau,ti hei mauriora!



2013-11-29 10:32

we may live in australia but mount taranaki will always be our maunga



2013-11-29 13:31

To even suggest gas and oil production over the fence from a National park is totally wrong and we must now draw a line and say 'no'. Drilling next to/under Mt Taranaki is not acceptable and we, Maori, kiwi, tau iwi will not allow tag oil to disrespect our sacred and significant places.



2013-11-29 13:48

Our mountain is sacred and we need to protect it. Maunga Taranaki e tu mai ra!



2013-11-29 17:31

Leave it in the ground



2013-11-29 17:41

We don't need your money that bad! Eff off!
THC all day


2013-11-29 18:21

As someone who is born & raised in Taranaki, it is hard to fathom this as a possibility. As it stands, I am against the decision for oil exploration drilling so close to the mountain I would see every day. I do not know all the details and a question remains to be asked.
Who will benefit from this?



2013-11-29 22:56

Leave the mountain alone go dig ya holes somewhere else thats one thing I can close my eyes and remember about home and I have been there since I was ten nearly eighteen years ago now. Dont ruin our home and our landmarks



2013-11-29 23:40

Dont disrespect our land our maunga is tapu it belongs to all of us not u who ever decided to drill here. I am a driller in australia and dont agree on drilling our beautiful land and def not our maunga it is wrong... like the other person said go esle wea to drill ur holes and leave our maunga alone This makes me angry on how greedy some people really are we dont want money or royaltys we just want u to ftt off and leave our beautiful place alone...



2013-11-29 23:58

Its a deliberate attack on our Tikanga!



2013-11-30 01:14

In my point if view what they are trying to do to our mount Taranaki is take away the heart and soul what's really underneath our maunga (Mount Taranaki) and what effects it can have on our Taranaki people, That is a really sad thing to know, hear and see that when they drill holes into our maunga and drain oil out of it, Its going to have and ultimate impact on everything underneath and on top and for every living creature animals, insects etc.. and for people around theTaranaki region. For some people that don't understand the wairua (spirit) of Mount Taranaki better look and think very closely of what yous are doing such as Oil company's doesn't matter who you are yes it mite bring on benefits such as work, money etc but the point is our maunga has been sitting there for thousands of years will never know how long.If THEY wake her up from her sleep something will happen!! SO HELP ME GOD and hopefully say in the future !!I TOLD U SOO!!!.

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2013-11-30 02:03



2013-11-30 02:21

Dam them! What they tryin to do? Wake our maunga up!?



2013-11-30 02:28

When will we learn .We can never undo what we have done to mother earth how many more perfections do have to destroy .No more I say ,no more.



2013-11-30 03:12

Cannot take this away what are they thinking?



2013-11-30 06:47

You can't just come along and drill on our mountain. It is more than a mountain, an icon. It is family, the life blood of the community of everyone that lives, works, holidays, tours, plays in, on and around our mountain. The mountain is part of the spiritual connection we have with the land. You don't have to be maori to feel and have that connection. Mining companies have already taken most of the best of New Zealand and her waters. Leave what you have not already taken.