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2014-01-08 04:07

I think you need to think long and hard about the effects that will happen to the children if you take this away!!! Not good at all!



2014-01-08 04:07

You cannot take away important fundamentals for our children because you feel it is right. Stop trying to change what is important to our children and there parents.



2014-01-08 04:16

In television interviews, I wish the news organizations would have interviewed teachers and parents rather then just Mr. Bezek.



2014-01-08 04:38

I think this is a stupid idea.



2014-01-08 05:32

This is really sad to hear when 18% of school aged children are obese, a precursor for obesity into adulthood (which 69% of adults are either overweight or obese). Think of all the secondary diseases that come with obesity (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc.).  This is the first generation of children expected to not live as long as their parents.  Do they not see the value of physical education amidst this huge problem? Successful prevention starts early.  Encourage activity.  Be responsible educators by keeping physical education in the school.  Elk River, be part of the solution not the problem! Sad...sad...sad!



2014-01-08 06:07

A child will learn better if they are physically active. Health education is more needed than ever with so many children and adolescents coming from single parent homes.

Tim Jacquin


2014-01-08 12:08

Mental AND physical health are the same!!



2014-01-08 13:27

As a health and physical educator for more than 20 years I firmly believe kids need and deserve quality physical education programs. Sportsmanship, skill development, improved fitness, fitness knowledge, team building, readiness to learn and re-focus, are just some of the things kids would be missing out.



2014-01-08 13:35

As a former student at Elk River, this just not seem fair!



2014-01-08 13:58

With the epidemic of childhood obesity in our society today and all the pressures put upon our youth, it is totally ridiculous that there is even talk of taking away mandatory physical education and health classes. Our kids need those classes more now than ever...
Jessie I.


2014-01-08 14:33

The focus should be more on healthier lunches and lowering class sizes. Getting rid of the things that genuinely help kids is not the answer. I have a feeling you will be loosing students if your plan follows through. Our kids are not test subjects.



2014-01-08 14:49

You will be losing more students if this goes thru. You will never get 100% of the students in the district to attend your schools. There are other factors involved, such as, wanting to go to a Christian based school, or being home schooled. I'm sure both of those include phy ed AND health in their teachings. Isn't it a state requirement?
Wheres your parental responsibility

#13 Re:

2014-01-08 15:03

#6: -

Coming from a single parent home is NO excuse. Are you saying in the summer when your child is out of school they dont get the proper care? If you dont have "time" to raise your child, find someone who can. Lets stop blaming the educators for parental lack of responsibility! It is the parents who decided to have children, now start raising them! Fundamentals along with proper choices should start at home!

Jo Mama

#14 We need to keep these for our children.

2014-01-08 15:08

What is the point of technology for kindergarten-3rd grade students? It would be more beneficial in junior high-high school. Taking health away from our children and physical education is something I won't sit back and watch happen as a parent in this district. Do the people making these decisions even have kids? These classes they are taking time from are an important part of their development.

#15 District Delimiters

2014-01-08 15:16

Hello. I am the parent of a kindergartner as well as two preschool age children. It never occurred to me, up until this point, to send my children to somewhere other than our neighborhood public school to receive their education. I feel my daughter has had a very compromised education due to the fact she does not have access to Physical Education as well as Art. She is the type of kid (as the vast majority are, I believe) that needs time for activity and creativity. I see it myself time and time again at home - after rigorous activity, she is ready to focus on her sight words and other homework that her teacher has assigned. I can't say enough great things about her teacher - she is doing a wonderful job doing what she can with the shortened day. However, it is sad to me that my daughter talks about "getting to do what she wants" during Friday's writing workshop. This tells me that she is in need of more creative outlets during her school week. Also, in regards to foreign language, my daughter's teacher is already doing that with her students in class.

The proposed middle school changes are baffling to me. Computer coding? The last thing children need is more screen time. It is my understanding (from speaking with my neighbors) that students are accessing technology in almost every class! Technology is wonderful tool to enhance learning, I don't believe that computer coding is a necessary class. Maybe the schools can start an after school club for those who want to learn computer coding? Maybe Community Education could provide classes in this area? Physical Education and Health cuts at the middle school level would be terrible for the students. Kids NEED activity as well as information in regards to health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and teamwork. These skills (especially teamwork) are vital to being a good employee and coworker. Also, hasn't there been an increase in overweight children?

Finally, as far as "losing" students. I have had many conversations with parents in our neighborhood about this. On my street my children are the only kids attending Elk River public schools. Several have stated that it is the class sizes that have deterred them from sending their kids to our neighborhood school. One mother shared that she sent her son to Spectrum because she thought the math curriculum was moving too quickly for her son at Elk River High School.

Please, please, Elk River School board and administration stop these changes and take a look at other options.


#16 stupid

2014-01-08 15:29

All Bezek cares about is saving money and putting more into his own pocket. If he thinks removing these activities from schools is going to draw more students he should rethink his logic.


#17 Exercise helps the brain

2014-01-08 15:33

It's been proven many times that exercising helps boost energy throughout the day. I can testify to that. I work at a desk all day and my work provides workout classes everyday during lunch. I go down and get my workout in and come back refreshed and energized and feel less tired in the afternoon. When I don't work out, I get tired from sitting all day and staring at my computer or trying to learn something new. Kids need a break to get out and stretch and exercise their minds for a while. When you take that away, kids will not retain as much information. I agree that kids need exercise at home too and am not saying parents don't have any responsibility. What I am saying is that burning energy and getting the heart pumping helps the brain and helps kids function better and learn more. Don't take that away.



2014-01-08 15:52

Students of all ages need more PE time not less! I have an elementary students who isn't getting any PE, art, or music time. What a shame! It is so important for students to be involved in those activities. It is proven that PE activity increases brain function and the ability to concentrate. Don't cut PE



2014-01-08 16:03

The benefits for children having daily physical education are well documented...both for physical health and well being and for increasing their ability to learn in the regular classroom. Please do not cut physical education!!!
Julie Gordon

#20 Lets get facts before jumping on a wagon in the 11th hour!

2014-01-08 16:34

I just called and had a very interesting conversation with Charlie Blesener, Strategic Plan Coordinator ISD728 at 763-241-3522. I encourage you ALL to call as he was very receptive to my call and really gave a great deal of information for timelines and how this all rolled out when I spoke to him. From the information I was given, this news report seems to only provide a very small snapshot of the ISD728 Strategic Plan for 2012- 2017 that was proposed and then instituted 3 years ago to meet and/and or exceed the common core standards and vision of ISD 728. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST CHANGE AND WILL NOT BE THE LAST.



2014-01-08 16:35

ADHD and ADD... you think it's bad now? Take away phy Ed. and then see.



2014-01-08 17:23

This should be tabled for additional time for input.



2014-01-08 17:38

While I understand making PE an elective in HS, I do not understand taking it away from elementary kids. My son is a first grader and had made great strides in his agility and strength because of PE and music and art have helped him tremendously. Technology is suppose to be part of our curriculum anyway, so to set a aside a day or two for it seems to be a waste when it should be used daily in the classroom. As fast as MS is concerned, I think language is a huge miss in this district. We need it and we need it to start younger than HS. I don't agree with eliminating all but one of the health classes at this level. We should be able to add these "specials" without taking away from them striving in all-round areas.



2014-01-08 18:36

Open up the discussion and comments. Make good decisions.



2014-01-08 19:04

Movement and Activity help students to learn better. Communication about purposed changes needs to be shared with parents and input should be welcome. These changes we are hearing about without straight from the source facts and/or answers do not seem beneficial for our kids nor like they would make Elk River schools more appealing. Look around at the overwhelming number of parents who CARE. Communicate with your parents! They are your districts hope for a better future. Without communication and support you have nothing. I wish you the best.