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2014-01-13 13:47

This Establishment should stay open as a community pub.
Stuart Wilks

#2 Tesco

2014-01-14 18:27

Why not just make it yet another Tesco - Cllr Coe was keen for that to happen in Warley...



2014-01-14 19:09

This is a charming, welcoming public house with a very interesting history and together with the church and country park is one of Brentwood's great tourist attractions for visitors from far and wide.



2014-01-15 17:13

I cannot believe it. How can they change the use of one of the only public houses in this area. A beautiful village and a beautiful pub.



2014-01-15 22:39

I spent too many hours of my life rebuilding that pub!!! It a pub with so much history and memory in it plus where else would you grab a pint in south weald the bull?? Your having a laugh



2014-01-16 00:08

It's a landmark pub for many. Don't destroy what's left of our once beautiful country.



2014-01-16 08:57

Pubs for communities. Profit benefits only a few.



2014-01-16 11:16

the Tower Arms is also used quite a bit by ramblers & is an ideal stop over watering hole



2014-01-16 12:30

I assume that the pub will be converted into flats due to the high demand for property in the area.
Well residents need facilities-like somewhere to go for a drink or a meal and there is nothing else in the surrounding area. Every village need its pub and once gone it will be lost forever.



2014-01-16 14:54

There are enough houses for the wealthy and not enough pubs for the community!



2014-01-16 16:08

i would urge everyone to get behind this petition to save our good old country pubs which are closing daily. It is so sad. My sister is getting married at St Peters church in July where will we all go for a pint ?



2014-01-16 18:38

After taking lovely walks with the family in the parks at South Weald, there is nowhere better than to enjoy a pint or two in the Tower Arms !



2014-01-16 18:39

I was born in Brentwood and went to South Weald Primary School as a child. I grew up in South Weald, many happy memories of South Weald Park, camping there in the 70's with my school friends, as well as visiting the Tower Arms both as a child after a walk in the park with my parents and having a drink in that pub as an adult.

Closing that pub after centuries being a part of that community is not acceptable



2014-01-16 21:03

I feel that village life would change if there wasn't a pub. I have spent many a pleasant afternoon/evening enjoying the atmosphere of the pub.



2014-01-16 22:53

instead of making more nursing home they need to train a lot of the staff and pay the workers better wages ,we have enough nursing homes in Brentwood an food places why don't council put some money into this building and put some paint in it and maintain the building why is it councils always want to knock thinks down and rebuild something theres nothing wrong with
h I as it is they should be proud but all they seem to want is money makes me so annoyed



2014-01-16 23:55

No no no to closing the tower arms. just NO!



2014-01-16 23:56

I remember this lovely old pub from when I lived in Brentwood. Too many old places are getting lost, save this pub & save history.


2014-01-17 08:06

Wasn't aware this pub was looking to change. It would be dreadful if it was lost but it needs to be busy so it becomes a viable business.



2014-01-17 11:24

How can anyone possibly consider changing these premises into anything else. This pub has been the home to many generations of drinkers who all have very special memories. It is part of Brentwoods history which should not be lost. Too many country/village pubs are being taken away.



2014-01-17 14:55

The Tower Arms along with the Church is at the centre of South Weald without either of them the heart of this community would be ripped out!!
All the Fours


2014-01-17 18:17

There has been a public house in the village for centuries. We must stop the conversion to a private house.
Who remembers all the pubs in Navestock which have disappeared. I



2014-01-17 19:46

I lived in Brentwood for from 1973 till 2006 and the Tower Arms was a favourite haunt throughout the summer with friends to take the children after a morning in South Weald. I still visit Brentwood at least twice a year so I am aware of the changes to the town and surrounding areas. To change this venue to a nursing home? would be insane as the renovations would take away the character of the establishment and change the dynamics of the Village.

#23 Re:

2014-01-18 09:56

#1: -

In order to keep the Tower Arms as as viable business it will have to be allowed to make changes to the kitchens and to the dining areas.  If this does not happen then the business will not be viable and it is just not possible to force it to stay in business.


#24 tower arms community

2014-01-18 14:32

The Brave Nelson in Woodman Road was halted from demolition and flats being built. It remains a pub. It also has community status if the owner wishes to sell, it has to be offered to the community to buy first. Eric pickles is Secretary of State for Communities and should help on how to do this. He wants local people to have more say with planning issues.



2014-01-18 16:20

Please keep The Tower Arms open as a pub - I've worked there on & off over the years & been a customer & it seems sacrilegious to close it for redevelopment ! It's been doing brilliantly lately as a boutique hotel, restaurant & bar & is part of Brentwood's history

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