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2014-02-11 00:56

The Taxes havent been raised in 20 years. Tax rates must go up to keep the city beautiful.



2014-02-11 02:55

The craters in this lake need a June.

#3 Parks

2014-02-11 03:09

This is really odd. The city has been just saying the great shape we are in due to the tax $ brought in by our great businesses. What happened in 2 months?



2014-02-11 14:57

save our parks for my grandchildren



2014-02-11 15:39

Please do not drain Red Hills pond!!! Not only has it been a great place for peace and tranquillity for many in our hectic lives, it is home to hundreds of turtles, ducks and birds. SAVE RED HILLS POND!!!!



2014-02-11 16:09

We need our parks in Rancho Cucamonga. I loved going to the park as a child on warm sunny days. Now I love taking my daughter to all the parks I played at as a child.



2014-02-11 17:50

Save red hill park!



2014-02-11 19:42

Love taking pictures at this park.



2014-02-11 20:13

I played here as a kid. Concerts in the park, now I have my son.... Where am I supposed to take him?



2014-02-11 21:10

I used to live in Rancho Cucamonga CA, they have the most beautiful wonderful parks!



2014-02-11 22:57

If our City did not pay the fire department the outrageous salaries, this would not happen. Read the last issue of the Grapeland newspaper.
Top 120 wage earners in our City, 99 per cent are firefighters. Sick.....

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2014-02-12 05:50



2014-02-12 06:50

seems like they may be using this as a reason to raise our taxes



2014-02-12 06:56

I was so very saddened to hear of the upcoming changes...especially to Red Hill. I grew up playing on the softball fields. My threes sons have grown up going to the pond to see the ducks and turtles. In fact, my youngest son's first word was Turtle (more like tur-til) because we spent many hours there. Our family Christmas pics are always surrounded by the pond. Please don't do this to our community.



2014-02-12 07:27

I lived in Alta Loma my whole life and moved out of state for work. I still came back to California to have a birthday party for my son at an Alta Loma park.



2014-02-12 15:12

I grew up at this park! So many wonderful memories there! To close it down would be awful!



2014-02-12 16:18

This is a landmark for some people's childhood. Please don't destroy such a beautiful park!!



2014-02-12 19:16

I grew up at those parks and take my kids there today when we are visiting family. Please keep up the current level of maintaining that you are currently doing.



2014-02-12 20:36

Please save our park



2014-02-12 20:44

We need our parks and the one I am particularly interested in is Red Hill. I have used it for years and enjoy it's beauty. First they removed a lot of the grass to save money and now it's the lake!! It must be saved for too many reasons to list here. But I can't imagine the stinky mess that will be left if it's drained. PLEASE find a way to save it!!!!



2014-02-13 00:32

The parks are a valuable resource that should be kept.



2014-02-13 20:24

The #1 best thing about this town is our parks!



2014-02-13 21:14

I grew up with this park. We've taken our soccer pictures, show choir pictures (ALHS 2001), prom pictures here every year. I've gone to church in the park, movies in the park and I've even performed on the stage for dance recitals. Instead of investing more in buildings and such, why doesnt the city invest in keeping Rancho beautiful by hiring a small business owner or owners,, to keep the grounds and water clean and regulated. The lights should really only be on for games and during twilight until the park is closed.

Or some of the big wigs and richer people in RC should help fund this project, esp if RedHill has touched their lives like so many other people.

Plus think about the ducks, fish and turtles and other little wildlife living there. What is going to happen to them?



2014-02-13 22:24

Lived in Rancho for the majority of my life and red hill park is one of the few locations in this area that I would consider iconic. Draining the water from Red Hill park and fencing it would make this a horrid eye sore. not to mention the abundant amount of water turtles that would be left abandoned. WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF TEH TURTLES?!


#25 Let Us Vote

2014-02-14 06:44

Give citizens of the west end a chance to vote on raising assessment district tax rates to save our parks. So many moved here because of the great city services including the parks. Voting should be our right. A phone survey and a vote of the council is not a substitute for letting the people be heard!