We the undersigned, hereby declare, that the 26,000 citizens on the West side deserve a VOICE!

On February 5, 2014, the City Manager presented results of a study to the City Council.  They received survey feedback from 2300 out of 26,000 residents on the West side district, and recommended that the results of the survey would not substantiate a measure on the November ballot.

The City Council in turn, voted NOT to maintain our parks at their current level, based on the survey results, stating that it will NOT be placed on a ballot before voters to decide whether to accept a new assessment fee for west-side parks!

LESS THAN 10% of the population influenced the city council's decision, and we believe more people want to save our parks!

We want a voice, we are in favor of a town-hall style meeting, we want to ask questions and receive answers!  We want to offer solutions for the problem, and help to implement them!  This includes putting this before the VOTERS, on the ballot in November!

We want them to recognize what this icon means to our residents, our families!

We do not want the pond at Redhill Park to be permanently drained, we want sufficient lighting, repairs, maintenance, and landscaping!

We want to keep our city safe, beautiful, and enjoyable for generations to come!

We believe that ALL parks on the West side of Rancho Cucamonga deserve the same!

Please join us in making our voices heard by signing this petition......our City Council NEEDS to hear from the citizens of Rancho Cucamonga!!!


Tricia Swift Buggle & Krista Marino    Contact the author of the petition