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#1 Say No To Boko Haram in Nigeria Now!

2014-02-23 18:33

Join the campaign in condemning the activities of this clandestine group emasculating our people with out a just cause.Let us raise our voice against their atrocities , against their sponsors and against their collaborators from outside. The time to condemn Boko Haram is now!!!



2014-02-23 18:59

Wil we eva do a gud fing witout demandin moni? Dis is y we dnt progress



2014-02-23 19:01

I say no to Boko Haram

#4 Boko Haram

2014-02-23 19:25

I think the Government ought to show some commitments, the military has different categories of graduates, yet, for years, they couldn't trash these guys, is it not the same military that trashed mai tatsine is few days?, lots of people are doubting the commitment of the Government in the war, the Governor and two senators that were deeply affected came out to the world regarding the poor equipping of the military, they are fighting with AK-47 while the enemies carrying automatic weapons and RPG's, just heard that they completely burnt the same village they attacked last week, where are the securities? there are lots of graduates out there looking for jobs and ready to die for the nation, recruit them, let us be a little bit more serious


2014-02-23 19:37

Excellent petition, at least, let's do our part in kicking barbarism out of Nigeria



2014-02-23 21:02

ALLAH we delivered us on this movement!



2014-02-23 21:34

Good step.



2014-02-24 14:33

I also suggest that the military who only sit on the fence while the atrocities of the insurgents went on unchecked to launch an offensive on the stronghold of the insurgents in Sambisa. Since the start of the resurgence, the military's claim of destroying sambisa is not true. The insurgents were deeply rooted in the area. The places shown to the public are only the peripheries of,the area in question.

The operation is tactically not enough, strategically ineffective because, the relevant strategic modalities were not effectively done. The locals know it and they usually report to the authorities on movements of the insurgents only for the securities to not act with rapid response.

Therefore, the prolongation of the crisis is as a result of the above strategic mistakes and lack of proper motivation of the gentlemen of the forces by their superiors especially at death and injury.



2014-02-25 15:44

I pray someone listen to us this time.



2014-02-25 15:52

Thank you we are in fully support of your ideas



2014-02-25 16:07

No! No!! No!!!



2014-02-25 16:24

I think its high time all Nigerian wake up to this scourge that's eating deep into our lives. Am still wondering why the conspiracy of silence on the part of the FG. Our president is turning deaf hears to the cries of thousands of Nigerian been killed on a daily basis. God have mercy on us.



2014-02-25 16:41

I think d earlier we start viewing ths boko haram from outside the box the better for us to find solution to it.what bout the possibility of international conspiracy towards it?all ths menace could b influence by the western countries to pursue their exploitation agenda as usual without consideration for humanity.I jst herd an allegation bout france invading Africa,it could b very mch true since they've done it before.I wip for my mother land!



2014-02-25 18:29

Ya Allah pls bring d end of boko haram Allah ka tona asirin su. Ameen ya Allah



2014-04-09 20:54

According to NHRC, Nigerian government were responsible for insecurity in North Eastern States. So, what's the way out ?.