Fellow Compatriots!


A violent society does not engender growth and development, although a society without social justice cannot experience peace and at the same time violence does not promote peace, cohesion and development. I want you all to join me in condemning the tactics and aspirations of the Boko Haram kind.

I want you all to support the closure of territorial borders in Niger, Chad and Cameroon around Northen Nigeria for a period of time so that the supply route of these monsters can be closed. Support the campaign as much as you can as we only have one nation we can call our own.

I direct this petition to all leaders in Nigeria and I recommend the following steps to be taken:


* Closure of border areas around the North East of Nigeria

* Using covert operations and intellignece gathering to sniff out these monsters

* Using drone and other survelliance means to gather information

* Going after alleged sponsors with links to these extremist group

* Looking outside the box to find out outside collaborators who supply and allow arms and ammunition to pass through.

* Provide incentives to citizens who are willing to whistle blow information on the activities of these group

* Prosecuting suspected culprits arrested in these group

* Readiness to attract development to the people of these areas

* Employing political solution tends to work better than an all out assault on the perpetrators

* Inviting all Northen leaders to a dailogue

* Readiness to return to full scale mechanized farming in all parts of Nigeria

* Change of strategy in combating the menace; becoming more pro active instead of a reactionary force.


All Nigerians at home and Diaspora should begin to see the problem as a collective dent on our effort to build a progressive society devoid of violence and maiming of innocent citizens such as children and women.


Join the campaign now!

AHMED OLUSEGUN BADMUS    Contact the author of the petition