Petition to End Pollution and Cleanup the Hennops River


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2016-11-18 07:18

Because nature is so close to my heart. God has created such beautifull animals for our pleasure. We are the care takers of those animals. It hurts me to much see how polluted our waters are. Rivers and the ocean are in trouble. Even the fish are dying in some areas. We need to all mussel up and help to fix what chemicals raw sauerage and plastic bags have done to or beautifull country. We all have a responsibility. Children in schools need to be taught not to litter from the get go. I felt embarrassed when German tourists at Buffels Bay were remarking out how polluted our South Africa is. We will loos tourists. They are much needed income for creating jobs our South Africans. I was told that the Rietvlei dam where we get our water from has broken down the plastic in the water and it has created estrogen. It is scarie we will have mothers how children growing in them that are boys but the estrogen will make them react emotionally as girls. That is such a scarie thought. Then then just thinking are our about our children and there children children, when we loose may of species of animals. Will we show them in picture books because they have died out? Just think hard if all of us decided to help we could fix the rivers! We all could help.