Free School Meals For All Childern

I Am trying to reach out to have a change made about school lunches. For the past about three years the schools have been able to provide our children with free lunches and even breakfast depending on the school. I would like to make it so its free for everyone going forward not just the last three years or, not just lower income households. At 2.00 plus a lunch and about half that for breakfasts. Thats alot of money for anyone to have to pay. We as parents should not have to worry about the extra bill that occurs from our children eating in school. Not everyone has an easy time coming up with that monthly. Especially if you are just outside the income limits. There are many institutions that provide free meals for individuals. WHY NOT SCHOOLS. Please help SIGN, AND SHARE, and lets make a change together for our children and families everywhere thank you very much.  Any help on Getting this out to everyone no matter who they are is greatly appreciated. I will accept any advice and help moving this along. 

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