Girls' Latin of Philadelphia


Girls’ Latin of Philadelphia – We Need Your Support


Boys' Latin of Philadelphia asks for your support of our efforts to improve the educational offerings in Philadelphia, and West Philadelphia in particular, with the addition of a Latin, college preparatory school for girls, Girls' Latin.  

Boys’ Latin has gained a reputation for our efforts to develop students who are well-prepared to attend fine universities and to enter strong professions and careers.  To that end, we are happy to report that the results of our students, all acquired through an open-enrollment process, are indeed notable.  Our first graduating class (Class of 2011) was ninth in the City in actual college enrollment, with a 74% rate as reported by the National Student Clearinghouse.  Our second class was sixth with an 81% rate.  By the third class, only Masterman and Central High Schools, the top two selective admissions schools in the City, beat our rate of 84%.  Even more impressive were the prestigious colleges and universities into which our students have matriculated.  Colleges like Bowdoin, Pomona, Carleton, and Bates; universities like Penn, University of Virginia, Tufts, and Boston U are just some of the highly regarded institutions of higher learning now attended by Boys’ Latin graduates.  Despite the fact that we serve a population that are often the least likely college attenders, we have outperformed all predictors to beat all ethnic and gender groups.  Our success has not gone unnoticed.  There is an increasing demand for us to do more.  We have presented our letter of intent for a configuration of schools for girls – Girls’ Latin of Philadelphia.  You can help us.  Click here to sign in support of our mission.  Your voice is essential if we are to be successful in this endeavor.