Give the Fridtjofsen children back to family

This is a "Opprop" to get Monica`s children back. Orkdal barneværn never helped this family. All 5 of the children said they just want to get back to their mother. Theres no problem in the home. No alcohol, no drugs, just a happy family.

In 2001 Monica married a man, a really bad man. In 2005 she divorced him and he said he was gonna kill his children, because he would not let them grow up with a new dad. Her oldest daughter suffered from bullying, and did not want to og to school anymore. The problems just got worse, and the family begged for help so many times. Orkdal took 5 normal, healthy and happy children, and the oldest one ran away all by herself. All of the children are unhappy, changed personalities and was placed in unstable homes. The youngest child was placed in a home where the woman are clearly a pervert. After finding her facebook, Monica saw that she had perverted pictures, which is not appropiate. After this was sent to Orkdal, the child was moved and pictures changed.
( Link to the pictures: ) Translated: " No dick is harder than life" and "Life is not just dick and fun".
The other child was placed in a home where kids earlier have been touched. Abused. And one was taken to a "timeout" if she wet her bed at night. As mentioned, no problems or abuse in Monica`s home. She loves her children, and the children loves her.

Sign and help Monica and her beautiful family !

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