Hampton County School District's Policies on International Teachers

Hampton County School District has covertly changed its policy on retaining and hiring foreign teachers. Before the two districts consolidated, Hampton County School District 2 regularly interviewed and hired foreign teachers as a part of the recruitment process. Lots of these international teachers came to the United States and experienced success in our classrooms: establishing and maintaining community connections with local staff and students, demonstrating professional growth, and increasing test scores in their subject areas.

Sadly, these teachers are being forced out of Hampton County School District with little to no explanation. The district is refusing to extend their stays, renew their contracts, etc. The "southside" schools...those in Estill...will suffer from this decision that was made by a few individuals (which does not reflect the views of our Estill community) and is not in the best interest of students attending local Estill schools.

Because it's a rural area with mostly African American students, the teachers that Estill attracts are mostly home-grown, from surrounding areas, and/or are international. Do we really want to trade in certified teachers and leave the education of our children in the hands of long-term substitutes who don't have degrees and lack experience? These decisions were made without consulting the community or any attempts to explain the reasoning to our community. Estill: let's stand for something or we will continue to fall for anything in the midst of this take-over disguised as consolidation.

Let's break the SILENCE and SPEAK through our SIGNATURES; signing this petition means that you would like Hampton County School District's Board of Education to reconsider their recent policies on international teachers and allow the Estill area to keep their foreign teachers, plus hire more as needed.   

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