help me to keep my home and fight for what is right

Please sign my petition to help me to keep my home. I have lived in the same home 26 years (my whole life). My Mum was brought up here and so was I. My grandad was the longest living tenant in this home he lived here with my nana for over 50 years and would never leave because of the memories of their life togther.We never owed anything to anyone and always paid the rent on time. I have lost my entire family and just want to be left alone to get on with my life, without the fear off loosing my home, where i feel safe and secure to bring up a family.

The commissioners are trying to force me to leave my home because my grandad died and I am now on my own. There are alot off other people living in the same estate as me who are living on there own and they are not being forced to to leave their homes. I feel that I am being victimised and I have been through enough.

My entire family might be gone but never forgotten and with your help I can hopefully keep what little I have left of them. I want to bring a family up where 3 generations of my family were brought up.

My Grandad put my name on the tenancy 3 years ago so I could stay in our home and the commissioners accepted this, so was this in vein?

I was also given a life long tenancy of my own 6 weeks after my grandad died which states I would only be asked to move to a smaller dwelling if the size of my family decressed.

From the date of signing the tenancy... none of my circumstances have changed I advised them that my Grandad had passed away and the Tenancy was drawn up in my name and after the passing of my Grandad.

I want to be left alone in my family home where even my amimals are happy.

I do not owe a penny rent and do not want to have to move every couple of years due to my family size increasing.

I have really good neighbours and I beleive I am a really good nabour too, they do not want me to leave either.

We are a community up here and I get on with everyone, most of them watched me grow up and would always be there for me if I needed someone because they were close to my grandparents and parents before me that always helped them out.