5-Day Tommy Carruthers JeetKuneDo Camp (L.A./O.C. Calif, USA)

Join us in the movement to spread the philosophies of Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee to the World; establishment of the 1st Annual Intercepting Fist Organization JEET KUNE DO Training Camp led by Martial Arts legend: TOMMY CARRUTHERS.

What:     1st ANNUAL   Intercepting Fist Organization's   JEET KUNE DO - TRAINING CAMP

When:     October 2014

Where:    Los Angeles/Orange  County Calif., USA



The Intercepting Fist Organization Jeet Kune Do Training Camp is an extensive five day Martial Arts training event which will focus on the principles of Martial Combat as taught by Martial Arts legend Bruce Lee. The focus of this training event will be the establishment and progression of the Jeet Kune Do principles in practical combat situations as intended by its founder. Participants of this event will be put to the tests of efficiency and practicality within the reality of fighting in its totality. This event is will be open to all levels, with a minimum age requirement of thirteen years of age by the attendance date. No exceptions will be allowed.

The purpose of this petition is to bring to light the extensively growing demand for authentic Jeet Kune Do instruction and raise it's awareness both on a National and International level. Since it's creation by the founder (Bruce Lee in 1967), the will of Jeet Kune Do has been at the epicenter of several worldwide Martial Art events and continues to be cited as the source of inspiration among the world's top influential icons including Martial Artists, Atheletes, and Teachers among others. We at the Intercepting Fist Organization strive to raise the awareness of this transcendant Martial Art by way of progressive instruction in its core fighting principles.

By signing this petition, you will join the ranks of those who believe in the practical teachings of Bruce Lee and wish to see the spread of his Martial Art come to fruition. Signees of this petition are hereby expressing their interest in this prospective Jeet Kune Do event and a desire to receive additional  information in the upcoming months leading up to this event.


About the Intercepting Fist Organization

The Intercepting Fist Organization is led by modern Jeet Kune Do legend Tommy Carruthers who is the Chief Jeet Kune Do Instructor of TCJKD and was granted his intstructorship by the late Ted Wong, Bruce Lee's last private student and protege. Tommy Carruthers has over 30 years experience in the martial arts which includes training in military self-defence techniques (taught to him by his father), Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Karate, boxing, Ving Tsun (four years with Nino Bernardo's clan), Non-Classical Gung Fu and finally Jeet Kune Do. Frustrated with an absence of Jeet Kune Do clubs in his area, Tommy began to train by himself, pushing himself to the limits and along the way reading and assimilating absolutely everything that was around on JKD. He attended various JKD seminars in Europe but remained unimpressed. Taking the plunge he phoned Gary Dill and was invited to America by Dill to train as a JKD instructor.

Later he came to the attention of Jesse R. Glover, Bruce Lee's first student and assistant-instructor. Glover then recommended Tommy to one of Bruce Lee's best and most highly respected students of his Oakland era, Howard Williams, as well as Bruce's last private student and protegé Ted Wong. It was also Mr Wong who awarded Tommy with an instructor ranking and eventually, Tommy was formally recognised by the JKD Nucleus (Bruce Lee Educational Foundation) at a formal dinner party with over 200 guests from around the Jeet Kune Do scene. In more recent years, Tommy has continued to train and build ties with many respected JKD practitioners from around the world such as Tim Tackett and original Bruce Lee student, Bob Bremer.

Over the years, Tommy Carruthers has acquired a reputation as being a very practical martial artist whose grueling training schedules alone are a testament to the core principles of Bruce Lee. Westcoast JKD operates as the IFO's Southern California based extension, bringing the cutting edge training methods of Carruthers JKD to the United States. For more information, please visit www.tommycarruthers.com.

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