Immediate School Protection Non-Partisan Petition

To President Donald Trump, the US Congress, the US Senate, Governor Rick Scott, and Superintendent Robert Runcie;

This is a petition demanding immediate change in protecting our schools.

Our solution is to provide each school with four armed security guards positioned at points of entry and to remain for the duration of the school day. Institute a random bag check policy with wand metal detectors. Lastly a mesh/clear bag policy.

This is a solution which can be initiated almost instantaneously. This would be a proactive solution to protecting schools rather than a passive reactive one. The reality is that we will never be able to get rid of every firearm, or screen every person for mental illness. The deadliest of the school shootings occur from an outside force making entry. Having an armed guard that may possibly engage a potential shooter along with not being able to conceal a weapon will be a deterrent. We protect our banks with armed security guards, and our money is insured and therefore replaceable. Our children’s lives are not.

The average cost of an armed security guard ranges from $18-$25 per hour. If we use private contractors like G4S or Wakenhut, the schools will not have to provide insurance or training. Wand metal detectors from Garrett cost under $150 each.

For Florida, at the state level, we need Governor Scott to step up. Dip into our state’s coffers to temporarily fund this solution. Governor Scott asked for the resignation of FBI Director Wray for failing to stop the school shooter. If no action is taken, Governor Scott should be the next to resign for failing to protect our schools.

For Superintendent Runcie, you have 315 public schools in your district to protect with an annual budget in the multiple billions. We need an insurance policy because Mr. Runcie failed to see all of the red flags. Broward County can use emergency funds, do more fund raising, and work with Governor Scott to take action.

For the rest of the country, this will be a longer process. To pay for the armed guards, a tax should be created for firearms and ammunition. The gun industry makes $55 billion a year. Just as Big Tobacco has to pay for ads to deter smoking, the Firearms industry should contribute to the funding. Congress and the senate should contribute 2.5% of their salaries to the fund for failing us. Columbine occurred 19 years ago, and nothing has been done to this date.

In closing, our nation needs change and we need it now. We can either do nothing, have a passive plan, or be proactive. American children should not be afraid in our schools, and the parents should not have fear in sending them.


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