In opposition to Centre County's Responsible Contractor Ordinance

Centre County Commissioners have proposed the Ordinance as a solution to no apparent problem. Without any evidence that current procurement and project specifications are deficient an overlapping qualification procedure is to be implemented. There is no cost -benefit analysis of implementing this proposed Ordinance based on the cost of past performance issues and the projected increased cost from this Ordinance of pending construction  projects. The effect of the apprenticeship requirements on Women and Minority Owned business participating in government projects has not been identified. Implementation suggests that the County government will determine what "adequate wages and benefits" are for private employers rather than market forces dictated by demand for construction craft labor. The proposed ordinance restricts participation in County construction procurement by contractors based on long past issues with no appeal or determination that the circumstances are appropriately related to the work being bid. The Ordinance injects the County significantly into the details of construction management which is a significant skill which the County will have to supply. If construction contracting has been deficient with unacceptable results or safety concerns the corrective actions should be implemented within the current engineering and procurement process, not papering over a deficient system with more government intrusion.


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Please sign the petition and share with your neighbors, friends and family.  This will affect taxpayers of Centre Co, businesses of Centre Co and employees in Centre and surrounding counties. 

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