INTI Students' Light Sensation Complaint

To all INTI students who were forced to participate in the Light Sensation event held at MAEPS, Serdang on the 8th of September 2016. We urge you to read and sign the petition if the events described were what you had to suffer through.

1) To give you a little insight on what transpired during Light Sensation and the events leading up to it, we would like to first explain what Light Sensation is and INTI's role in all this. INTI promoted Light Sensation to us, the students as a fun experience that INTI is giving you for free to be part of something great (Breaking a Guinness World Record). We were promised that it would be fun and we would be given a chance to explore the event itself once our role was done, not to mention the free tickets of Escape Room and maybe a certificate (not too sure about this). Even with all these flowery promises they were hard pressed to find volunteers and resorted to forcing students to participate, offering students marks or in some cases nothing at all. There were even complaints of classes being cancelled at the last minute and students being told that their attendance was compulsory all just a few hours prior to the event. So that was the events leading up to it.


2) At the start of the event students were made to gather at the Multi-Purpose Hall to be briefed again on what we basically already knew but I guess it was for the new students that were forced to join at the last minute. Organizing us into groups was anything bus organized and took forever. We wasted at least a couple hours there just for that and the following bus right seem magically fast in comparison. This is where the real problem starts. By the time the first couple buses reached MAEPS, half the other buses were still in Nilai. This resulted in a lot of waiting for the stragglers and by the time everyone was here, we were already way behind schedule. Keep in mind that since 2pm were not allowed to go and buy food or drinks and I'm surprised that we were even afforded toilet breaks. In all fairness we were provided with bread and water but if you're going to have us sit there wasting time while there were so many stalls and food trucks around then I would say the complaints are justified. By the time the event actually started, it was starting to drizzle. The attempt passed by quickly unlike the waiting and we were relieved to be let out of the attempt area. Thinking that it was only 9pm, we thought we would have a chance to look around but found ourselves being lead past everything and back towards the buses. The car parks were packed and our buses were totally disorganized, different groups got on to the wrong buses, equally confused lecturers were arguing with bus drivers and some students were still getting on buses in MAEPS as late as 11pm which was 2 full hours AFTER the event ended. The whole time that they were forced to wait there they were not given permission to buy food. Also remember the students who to forced to join the event at the last minute from before? They went through almost the same thing except when they arrived, there were no marshals to guide them, causing bus leaders to go around frantically looking for them. By the time they got up to the attempt area the attempt to break the record was over and they too found themselves herded to the buses.

3) Had this been a student organized event, the various INTI offices would already be criticizing the event and pointing fingers at the organizers. Yet nobody says anything because it was not a student/club event. We the students of INTI ask you the management to consider the waste of time and effort it caused students who were forced to join the event. At the end of the day, INTI is an institute for education and so I ask you, can you really justify cancelling classes and putting students through what is essentially a marketing and publicity stunt for INTI? I urge you to consider the students who had 8am classes on that day or early classes the next day. Consider the students who had important lectures, presentations or meetings on that day who were forced to cancel or reschedule. Consider the students, who don’t live on campus, having to drive home so late. I remember a certain INTI employee (who shall not be named) who once said to us, 'This is what happens when you all cannot plan properly, now want to run to us and cry for help.' If this is the example of the 'organized' way to run an event then how do you expect students to do any better? 


  We need to do something about this. Forced participation, disorganization and ignorance or total lack of empathy for students cannot stand. So if you agree with us or have suffered through this and agree that this is unacceptable then feel free to sign this petition.  



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