Justice for Little League

In recent weeks it has been well publicized that the 12u Little League National Champion Jackie Robinson West Little League baseball team bent, broke, and manipulated several Little League residency requirement rules in order to load their roster with several All Star players to facilitate their championship run. Even though provided with very specific and compelling evidence supporting these claims Little League has been reluctant to take any steps towards holding the Jackie Robinson West Little League accountable for breaking these rules.

On Tuesday 12/23, Mark Konkol (Pulitzer prize winning writer for DNA Info Chicago) reported JRW secretly redrew their boundary map makimg several, otherwise inelligable, players on their 2014 12U roster elligible to play. Little League still has not re-opened the case against JRW. Visit www.dnainfo.com/chicago/ to see specific allegations against JRW.

Make your voice heard! Sign this petition calling for a full and independent investigation in to these matters. Its time for Little League International to step up and protect the integrity of the game!