Recently, an Edmonton K-9 officer named Quanto was brutally stabbed in the line of duty, and the suspect is facing mere animal cruelty charges in Quanto's death.....that's not nearly enough!  Why is it different when a police service dog is killed?  Is he not an officer of the law?  Is he not out there for our protection, just as police officers are?  So why should there not be a more severe punishment for someone who takes the life of the dog?


The charges being given at this time are Animal Cruelty and/or Animal Abuse.  Dogs who are members of the police service are working just as much for our protection as the police officers themselves.

i strongly believe there should be a serious change to these laws, not just for K-9 officers like Quanto, but for ALL animals!  So I am starting this petition for immediate ammendment of the criminal charges against those who take an animal's life unjustly.  Please, if you are an animal lover.....if you care about our four legged police officers......if you want stiffer punishment given to those who harm or kill innocent animals, please sign below.