Keep Thundercracker Exclusive and Recall the Impostor

Thundercracker was part of the Games of Deception Botcon set.

He was released also as an exclusive Henkei! Henkei! figure.

Now, Hasbro wants to release Thundercracker to the mass market.

Doing this will seriously hurt the value of the exclusive Thundercrackers.

It is also unfair that collectors have been duped into paying more to purchase exclusive characters which will then be released at msrp to the masses.

You gotta pay if you wanna play.




Addendum:  Fake and blatantly vulgar names WILL be removed as the first loser to do so found out.  Unlike the lowly cowards at TFW2005-- Be a man, a true fan, or be gone.

Elias Weskerson, Champion of True TF fans    Contact the author of the petition