LAX FA’S offer solutions to inequality of International flying routes and return of fellow flight attendants.

The thousands of American Airlines Flight Attendant’s (FA, FA’S) based at Los Angeles (LAX).

Would like to acknowledge that the last 17 + months, through the pandemic, have been a complex and harrowing ordeal for American Airlines as a business and for all of us who love our industry and have careers here!

We previously enjoyed a full International flying experience which afforded us the ability to make a better wage by flying our international routes.

As you are aware this is no longer the case. 
Our International flying status beginning in September 2021 will solely be our One London, flight 134.

We applaud American’s Crew Scheduling Team for their “out of the box thinking” and agree with AA’S great plan in facilitating our 787 pilots to fly out of base International trips while our schedule is so lean here in Los Angeles.

We all need more of this inspirational thinking and planning for our base!


-The Flight Attendants of LAX created this petition and implore you…

Please implement the solutions we offer here:


1: Route our LAX FA’S and Pilot Crews on the existing SEA-LHR.

LAX-SEA-LHR and return.

2: Equal to our 787 Pilots.

Add our LAX FA’S to the same and or similar schedules created for LAX pilots such as:




(Insert Any Long Haul destination)

This type of flight destination sharing is not without precedence.

As you know, creating and sharing flying has previously been done at the PHL Flight Attendant base a few short years ago after they experienced some International flying losses.  (But nothing like the severe losses we have here.)

3: Bring back the Full compliment of FA Crews and Service onboard!

This will accommodate the increasing passenger loads and secure flying for many LAX FA’S.

Operationally (pre covid), when we had 10 IPD trips out of LAX, that despite limited gate space, we performed well on par with JFK and other big bases, and not subject to extreme weather delays. 

-There has never been a better time to apply AA’s very own motto of

“Not doing things the way we use to”!

These few changes will help us tremendously if the interim and until our international flying returns.

In November we will welcome the entire 3300 AA Flight Attendants who graciously took the EVLOA’S including the approximately 300  LAX FA’S.

It is wonderful that American Airlines management team see’s an end to this very difficult time in our industry, enough so to bring everyone back!

It doesn’t matter who brings the solutions so long as we get to implementing them in a timely manner!

Together let’s TAKE ACTION  For our Los Angeles INTERNATIONAL Base Flying and Build some alternate International routes via alternate bases and share this temporary burden.

We are equally, “ready, willing and able” to step up to this task just as our pilots have!

Thank you for your attention in this matter that greatly impacts all of us at LAX!

In all sincerity, your LAX Flight Attendants,

Susan Baldridge #98379

Rick Mccarroll #335502

Lori Deskins #196263

Brenda Graham #097633

Ellen Eherts #301113

Pamella Bacciocco #6333

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