I am a refugee in my own country

I am a refugee in my own country, but I am not a victim. When I am not exposed to radiation, I am strong and fit to take action. My husband and I have searched in five counties to find a place with low radiation. Where I live now, I am healthy and so are other hypersensitive people. This is why we are now preparing guesthouses for others who are hypersensitive and need to recover and gain strength. This will be done through the non-profit organisation that I am the executive manager of, Kulturand. 

Recently however a permission is given for a transmitter close by. Several others and I have made an appeal against the permission. Yet, this did not give the result we had hoped for. Now we go to the next level. Your signature is needed so that the decision makers will take notice. Please sign for the need of preserving low emission areas. Also that one of these areas shall remain in Järbo, where we are currently preparing for a good future for many others who today also are fleeing from microwaves.


The non-profit organisation Kulturand and its collaboration partners are of course standing positive towards the way how modern technology facilitates people’s daily life, both at home and at work. A well-functioning infrastructure, when it comes to IT, is an important aspect of modern day society. Our appeal "No to the transmitter" is simple yet concrete and is not restricting our well-developed digital technique in any disruptive way. 



Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is in Sweden since 1995 acknowledged as a functional impairment. 


The Swedish National Association for the Electrohypersensitive persons (Elöverkänsligas Riksförbund) is one of the 37 organisations in the Swedish Federation for Disabled people (Handikappförbunden).


In 2011 the Council of Europe adopted a resolution of 1815 which calls for all members 

  • to preserve low radiation areas
  • to specifically take into account people with the disability of Electrohypersensitivity. In particularly the children, elder people and sick people 
  • to use wire bound technology, especially around children
  • to keep all radiation levels as low as possible.

This is politically binding, because Sweden – as a member of the Council of Europe- committed itself to follow resolutions that are put forth by the Council of Europe.
(Source: Riksdagens upplysningstjänst) 


In Sweden recommendations from the organisation ICNIRP are followed. Their limit values are severely criticised since they t hey are far too high, outdated and do not take into account the extensive amount of research showing health risks at considerably lower radiation levels. ICNIRPs limit protects only against immediate effects of 6 minutes exposure when radiation is so intensive that it warms tissues, so called “thermal effects”. This limit value excludes all other effects that can occur after longer time exposure, that is more than 6 minutes. In some other countries, for example, in the city of Salzburg, Austria, the Health Administration recommends that microwave radiation should not exceed 1 - 3 microwatt/m² in homes, this is 10 000 000 times lower than the levels that are allowed according to ICNIRP and the Swedish Governmental Radiation Safety authority guidelines (not law) Also, the Bio-Initiative report 2012 recommended a significant lowering of allowed radiation levels after an extensive review of available research...(Svenska Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten's). (Source: Stralskyddsstiftelsen)






As electrohypersensitive persons we are refugees in our own countries. Sweden is a fantastic country to live in for many reasons but it is difficult for more and more people because it is so dense with microwave radiation. For every new transmitter that is placed, the areas are diminishing where we hypersensitive people can live and be fit to act. 

Everybody has the right to be outdoors, to listen to birds singing and to enjoy nature. However,  for those that cannot endure the radiation from transmitters, WiFi and cell phones this is not to be taken for granted. Those who are affected the most by radiation have to stay indoors in houses build of specially designed radiation shielding building material. This is why certain areas must be preserved as areas with retained low radiation. Here with us in Järbo guesthouses are planned to be produced especially for the group of electrohypersensitive persons. Also many different activities are planned to be offered for persons within that group, individuals of different ages, not the least children. Electrohypersensitive people in Sweden today have nowhere to go when radiation and electromagnetic fields are overwhelming for them. The possibilities here in Järbo will  therefore be unique in Sweden.


The non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Kulturand, is now working for the preservation of low radiation areas to be kept and one that of them should be preserved in the forest outside of Järbo, slightly north of Sandviken. Now permission has been granted for a new transmitter here. Several people have appealed against this decision. The County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) is however rejecting these appeals and therefore we move on to the court of next instance. 


Unfortunately, the situation at hand in the County of Gävleborg – that the appeal has been rejected and a growing group of population is denied its living space – is something that is happening also in other municipalities and counties in Sweden. However, more and more people become aware of the fact that low transmission areas really are necessary.  


Forward-thinking politicians of course see the value of protecting a growing group of the population and the unique initiative for recovery that is planned in Järbo. We think that decision-makers will now open their eyes to this problem and act according to the United Nations conventions about everyone’s right to live a life of dignity.


Signatures will be attached in our next appeal which will be submitted in the beginning of November 2014. So, please, help spread this as fast as possible so we can get as many signatures as possible for our local matter!

Signatures will also be sent to all municipalities in Sweden and also as a reminder to the government. 



Read more about Kulturand, our activities, and about how YOU can help to make a big difference at www.ekobyggmedlera.se. Especially under the tab labelled "L O I S" (that is in Swedish short for "Lågstrålande Områden I Sverge" = Low Radiation Areas In Sweden). 



A news report will be broadcasted on SVT GävleDala tonight about the situation here and our plans for the guesthouses.


Marjo Marthin, Järbo    Contact the author of the petition