Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition

Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition

We all enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of riding with other Club and Community members in areas surrounding this incredible place we call home.  Group rides have been and will always be a key component of the road cycling culture .... a component that we value immensely and thoroughly enjoy.

Arriving home safely from all group rides is of paramount importance to all of us. Accidents happen and accidents CAN be traumatic; accidents CAN be life-threatening and life-changing.  But here's the GOOD NEWS: If we all respect and consistently follow safe cycling practices and standards, we CAN minimize accidents, we CAN reduce their severity, and we CAN possibly even eliminate them from our experience altogether.

Safety is key. Safety is our number one priority. Safety and safe cycling is our responsibility as a group ride participant.  Safe cycling is how we show respect for our fellow cyclists and friends.

In that regard, our Club leadership has developed the following "Naples Velo Group Rider Commitments" to help educate our fellow riders and to remind ourselves of the safe cycling practices that we expect from each other and from all group ride participants on Naples Velo group rides ... at all times.

We’re issuing the Commitments in the form of a SAFETY PETITION that we’re asking all Naples Velo Club members to review and sign (online).  The 10 Commitments are as follows:

"The 10 Commitments"

In making the choice to participate in Naples Velo Group rides, I likewise make the choice to fully commit to the following "Naples Velo Group Rider Commitments" and will encourage all other group riders to do the same. I commit to:

  1. Safe Cycling At All Times - Taking full responsibility for my safety and will ride in a manner, at all times, that helps ensure the safety of my fellow group ride members.
  2. Respecting Designated Ride Marshals and following their leadership, direction and instruction at all times.
  3. Understanding Group Ride Pace, Route and Distance in advance of joining any Naples Velo group ride.  If I have any questions regarding group ride pace, distance, route, protocol or etiquette, I will ask another group ride member or one of the designated group ride marshals. I understand that Naples Velo group ride information is posted on the Community site.
  4. Following Group Ride Protocol – Abiding by the group ride pace and speed limit and will follow all aspects of group ride protocol at all times during all Naples area group rides.
  5. Both Hands on the Handlebars At All Times while in a paceline and will refrain from riding in my aerobars at all times while in a paceline.
  6. Riding to Stay Together - Riding in a manner that helps ensure the group ride stays together as a single cohesive group whenever possible. I also commit to remaining alert for situations in which the group splits or separates and will work together with other group ride members to bring the group back together whenever practicable.
  7. Abiding by All Traffic Laws, rules and regulations at all times. I understand the Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide is posted on the community website.
  8. Respecting the Neighborhoods in which we ride and will be respectful of all pedestrians, walkers, runners and traffic of all categories at all times. Will also refrain from littering in any manner.
  9. Offering Feedback and Direction to Others whenever I observe behavior or action that may be unlawful, unsafe or inconsistent with group ride protocol, safety and/or etiquette.
  10. Welcoming and Advising New Riders - Advising new and/or visiting riders of these Group Ride Standards and directing those riders to the community site for review of these Standards.

Let's have fun ... let's enjoy the healthy benefits of this sport  ... let's enjoy each other's company .... but let's arrive home safely and help ensure our friends do the same.


We invite you to sign our SAFETY PETITION today.....


Thank you!

Naples Velo Cycling Club Board of Trustees