Nichole Marie Humphres movement

copied and pasted for the family- 

Makayla Patino murdered my sister, Nichole Humphres, on 7/22/21. This first picture was like 3 years ago. At The same house they had fist fights at. The same place Nichole had decided she needed away from Makayla Patino at. People always say you never know what goes on behind closed doors. This person says she loved my sister so much. She loved her just enough to shoot her in the head and end her life. She had just gotten accepted into a place and she had completed the program for her kids. She was getting them back. She finally had her whole life coming together. Makayla says she loved Nichole that much. It’s a joke honestly. The death certificate says homicide, the reason is shot by another person. The police know she shot the gun. They even found the gun on scene. Makayla threw a towel over Nichole’s face. If you accidentally shot the person you loved so much, the one who you wanted forever with, would you just throw a towel over their face? Would you just  run away like a scared pathetic human being? Or would you be right there? Would you call for help and hold them? Try and stop the bleeding and save the life of the person who meant so much? We need everyone’s help. Durant Police Department has yet to do anything. Makayla still walks free. She had a gun in town limits. A gun, that more than likely wasn’t registered to her. She had charges when she was 20. Even tho she snitched on her friends, she shouldn’t be able to buy fire arms. The gun was off the streets. More than likely from our friends right guys? Okay so there’s an unregistered gun, in the middle of the night, in city limits, and a young woman died as a result of a gun shot to the head. If it was me I know I’d be behind bars. I’ve been behind bars for less. Are you all really willing to let this murderer around your kids? Your family? You? We cannot just let this go unnoticed. Nichole and her babies deserve justice. We all do. The world deserves to be protected from individuals like Makayla Patino. The world deserves a place where you don’t just lose your sister, your daughter, your mother, etc. because someone else doesn’t want them moving forward without them. Nichole deserved a whole life and then some. I’m asking all of you. Please. Help us push this matter. We need it on the news channels. The paper. Radio stations. We need other people helping push this matter to protect all of us and to give Nichole’s babies some justice and safety. If it were to happen to you, would everything still be hush hush? Help us. Nichole would’ve raised hell for anyone she cared about. All I’m asking is to help us do the same.

I miss my sister and sometimes it’s hard to even breathe. I don’t know what those babies could possibly think or feel, but I know they deserve better too.

she says she didnt meant to= involuntary mansaluter why is she free? please help get nicole and her family and children justice !!

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